14 Ideas for Wedding Suits- Men’s Suits for Wedding

Best Men's Suits for Wedding

Many days there are important in the life of every man. But what is more than your wedding? And on that day, what might interest you more than your suit? A party without a good tuxedo is nothing . And it is not about choosing any one, but one that is fashionable and meets all the expectations of the boyfriend. But there have been so many models … How to choose the most suitable for you? Do not worry, we have made a selection of the most modern and fashionable styles that exist today. In our catalog you can find that suit that makes you look at your event and that highlights your figure like no other will.

14 Ideas for wedding suits

Wedding suits for all tastes, from the most traditional, to themed, informal, or according to styles or locations (rockers, to get married on the beach, etc.) Discover which one suits your style best.

Three-piece suit: Botong

Have you heard before the Botong suits? Many say they have gone out of style, but they are wrong! These beautiful tuxedos are one of the most original options available in stores.

This outfit is mainly composed of three pieces: pants, vest and jacket. Sometimes a tie is included to dress the whole set. They are a slim design option and very easy to adjust to the body. They are also known to come in a large number of colors, one of the most varied among all market options .

They also have something else in their favor: customization. Yes, they come with the touch of their designer, although they are so easily combined that the final result is determined by you . Consequently, you will be able to show off as much as you decide. You can add ornaments and decorations of all kinds, without losing its formality.

In addition to all of the above, these suits have a perfectly modernized classic air. Put on one and you will find yourself in perfect balance between the styles of past decades and the best that today’s fashion offers us.

Ivory suits

Did you think only black and white suits were successful? Not at all! Any color can be of great benefit.

Ivory-tone suits stand out for many reasons. First, because of its uniqueness . Very few are the bride and groom who dare to use them, because they fear dislocating. It is an unfounded fear, since these tuxes harmonize with others without losing their own essence.

Secondly, these costumes bring to our time the success of outfits seen in films like “Casablanca.” You’ll look like a movie star !

We currently associate this style with casinos. However, they are also a fashion at weddings. They wear an unquestionable formality, which will give you a serious and solemn image.

An example of companies that distribute these models is Rey & Aires. Recently he included in his catalogs an ivory tuxedo, which has already captivated many boyfriends. Well, the fact that a world-class company looked at this design means that it is a vanguard.

Ivory suits are also a game of contrasts. They usually include black pants. The clash of colors results in an outfit that will never go out of style and will leave you more than satisfied.

Polka dot suits

For fashion a few years ago, suits with polka dots were extravagant. But for the current one it is one of the most innovative models that breaks conceptions and aesthetics.

These suits, as the name implies, are characterized by the abundance of moles on the jacket. The most common design usually brings them white, while the background is black. However, you can find them in a huge number of combinations, always with a deeper and darker color than the other.

They also come with a thick flap, more than those of the rest of the models that exist. They usually also have three pockets: two front and one to place your handkerchief or any other ornament.

The pants come in a single color or matching with the bag on the moles. Either style will suit you. On the other hand, they combine beautifully with several footwear .

Possibly this is the perfect tuxedo if you like to challenge the standard of dress . It does not lose the label, it retains it, although demonstrating that a bag does not have to be a single color to look elegant.

Putting on this outfit will show that you are not afraid to adapt to the new creations that European fashion has been creating for years. The moles are here to stay!

Wulful slim suits

Another of the quintessential youth suits are the Wulful. These have a classic tone regarding the cut of each garment. They are usually made up of three pieces.

The magic of these tuxedos lies, first of all, in their sack. It has a very tight finish, in addition to a high neck that shines much more when used unbuttoned. The left pocket is hardly distinguishable, so any ornament on it will stand out remarkably.

The vest is also very narrow, almost always with four buttons and with a “v” shape at the bottom. Thanks to that, the shirt underneath stands out quite well. The pants, meanwhile, are usually quite tight, which will highlight your thighs .

However, if there is something that puts this model among the most chosen is that, when you put it full, your figure loses any unevenness . You will look fit, athletic. Your legs, your arms, your chest … everything will stand out thanks to the narrowness of these bright tuxedos.

Classic costumes: frac

The fracs were for decades the sensation. They stood out for being black, a color that suited him well. Then they fell into oblivion, due to the appearance of lighter styles. But they have become !

A classic suit of this style suits you to the extent that you are formal. Do you want to see yourself full label? This is your perfect option . It has a unicolor design, without extravagant ornaments that can be gutted.

The skirts, unlike what they may seem, are very comfortable, and with dark pants make a very nice background. The jacket in most cases has a single button. If you leave it in place, you will see more representative.

Now, if you want to take things to another level, you can also get the hat. What is it about fashion? Not at all! As long as it is the same color as the bag, they will combine very well.

For shoes, a black shoe with laces is usually the quintessential choice. And they harmonize with the rest of the outfit.

Informal suits

So far all our costumes have had some classics, a recognizable formal touch. However, you may be a little more casual in dress. In that case, informal tuxedos are the ones you should wear at your wedding.

These outfits vary a lot, and always according to your taste. There are many possible combinations. For example, you can wear the jacket with a shirt, without a tie or vest. For more informality, you can leave some buttons of the second garment loose.

Or you can also replace the jacket with a vest of any color. Put an ornament and the result will leave you pleased.

On the other hand, the pants can be of many types. Maybe of linen or silk. Or if you prefer, jean style fabric. All combinations are at your fingertips . Remember: with these suits it is you who defines the label. You do not have to conform to any unbreakable standard.

Informal tuxedos have another advantage: they are the most varied in color. As there is no rule about colors, you can play with all the tones you get . Red, green, etc. There is none that cannot serve you.

Of course, try to match the color contrast between the clothes harmonize. Try that the shock is not annoying, so you do not disagree with yourself.

Hipster style suits

When hipster fashion came to us, many considered it temporary. Although many years later it is still in force, and nothing says that will change. Thus, of course, he also had to influence the wedding suits. The result was a crossing of trends that, far from upsetting the gentlemen, has tempted them to use them.

This class of tuxedos bet on the bright colors that normally no boyfriend would have the audacity to wear. Also nothing can be unicolor. Patterns and tones should be loud. The more they clash with the classic, the more hipster they are .

This option is complemented by old-style sunglasses, a hipster brand par excellence. If you also let your beard grow, the image looks even better. The resulting painting is that of a rebellious boyfriend who reveals his charm for this crossed style of clothing.

In a whole, this fashion will suit you if you don’t like conventions in the least. You can skip them all without fear . From the vest to the tie, no piece is essential. With this tuxedo, it is your own stylistic comfort that orders and determines!

And all without losing elegance. On the contrary, although harmony is broken, a well-chosen hipster outfit will look elegant. It is simply a new style.

Vintage suit

Following the thread of trends, we run into one that does not break with the classic, but rescues the best of the past era. It’s about vintage, another fashion that has already made its place in the world’s popular culture. This new movement has given what to talk about in the outfits, and now we will see what it has to offer as a boyfriend.

Vintage suits are a renewal of the retro. This encompasses and includes bows, vests, skirts and any other piece or element that has belonged to the old fashions. Consequently, you can play with slim-type cuts, hats made of felt, thin-soled shoes, among many other possibilities.

Speaking of colors, there are three very popular: blue, pink and brown. Everyone should have a dull tone, that is, faded but without really losing their depth. It is this detail that ultimately creates the true retro effect and, by extension, vintage.

Most commonly, all components are taken into account. By this we mean that you should include a shirt, all the common pieces and the most traditional ornaments. It is an old style that becomes interesting and original because of the infrequent frequency it usually has at weddings.

A vintage tuxedo is perfect if you declare yourself a fan of the archaic. Are you attracted to those groom suits that to date and everyone considers old-fashioned? This is your alternative . Get one and show that the classic is still an attractive trend in dress.

Beach suits

Many often see beach weddings within various programs and movies, and think they are not real life. What a mistake! These celebrations are one of the most popular of the 21st century. For this reason, the groom suits designed specifically for them abound quite a lot.

The fashion of the beach tuxedo is primarily informal. It does not require you to use all the elements of traditional clothing. You can do without the tie and wear the shirt open. This is something that looks great and at the same time will prevent you from sweating from the scorching sun.

Nor is there a strict color, although many boyfriends like to choose white to give it a new meaning. The recommendation is that you do not opt ​​for metallic tones or that shine a lot , since they are overshadowed by the glare of the sand. And speaking of the latter, footwear is usually a pair of sandals. They will give you comfort while walking and will not clash with the rest of the outfit.

The beach tuxedo is fun par excellence. It will make you look elegant while ready for the party. You can play with the level of formality according to your preferences, but we suggest you not focus much on this section. And this style stands out for being simple, for making you look good without having to be extravagant or extremely rigid.

Rock suits for boyfriends

From this point we enter the least conventional costumes of all. From here fashion becomes more extravagant than ever. And what better exponent than rock costumes? They have captivated both fans of the genre and those who do not usually hear it.

The explanation of that is that they give the boyfriend a wild but sympathetic appearance. It is like a midpoint between the rebel and the courteous. So it may be the perfect option if you identify with both. In the same way this is a somewhat retro trend, since nowadays rock bands do not dress in this way. But what does it matter! You will honor the classics .

Rock tuxedos have as their main characteristic the leather jacket, a garment highly used by the musical groups that make that music. If you want you can add a patch (another rock tradition). Secondly, we find that the pants are very tight, more than in the rest of the previous positions. That is another brand of the genre.

On the side of footwear we find, as a more natural choice, boots. However, you can opt for a pair of dark shoes. Shirts usually come in stripes or plaid, always in colors that make a good contrast to the black of the jacket.

Of course, all this rocker groom look will be more complemented if you arrive by motorcycle at your wedding. Although it is not a mandatory element, it does raise expectations. In any case, your appearance will only show your love for the wild .

Super extravagant suits

Here we come to the most extravagant possible. Fashion like this doesn’t lose its charm, but you’ll need to feel really comfortable with it if you want to get the most out of it.

In this group of suits there are no trends . Simply be part of the traditional pieces to innovate. That is how we stumble upon mariachi-style vests, bags with more than four buttons, completely casual shoes …

On the other hand, the colors must be extrafalarial. A feast of tones, it could be said. The more striking the better the extravagance is. It also plays with the tightness of the garments. You can wear narrow pants with a wide jacket, and vice versa. Your compass is breaking the order of dress.

Given all of the above, it is clear why you should understand what this fashion implies. Are you worried about attracting attention? So it doesn’t suit you. The same does not happen if you want to shine like nobody else. If you identify with it, these tuxedos will please you completely.

An advantage of this style of outfits is that they are the most youthful and modern . This is because our era is characterized by not following old trends. And this being the one that takes that to the highest level, is the best exponent of the modernity of clothing.

Light colored suits

Light suits usually show more peace and calm. It is perfect for a peaceful wedding full of the greatest tranquility. The most used color is blue, as it is associated with the sky, which is the greatest reference of spirituality. It also gives you a touch of freshness that will adorn your smile .

A great alternative is gray. This, being between black and white, shows balance. Use it if you associate your personality with the perfect balance. In other words, you don’t go to extremes in any way.

Why does it matter to associate the outfit with your personality? Well, simply because it shows what you are. And in that unique singularity your outfit stands out . It’s not just that you combine elements or rescue old trends, but parts of your interior to choose the suit that suits you.

These suits will stand out more with a good tan, because they highlight the skin tone. Both complement each other in the fashion of peaceful boyfriends. It is also a perfect choice if you do not want to look quirky or extravagant. What you get is a traditional and simple tuxedo that fulfills its obligations and gives you a formal appearance within the acceptable.

Suits with dark colors

Dark groom suits are more associated with youth fashion. Because of their rebellious tones, they seem to be better off with the fiancees that are not even around 40. However, if you feel young, these outfits will not disappoint you at all.

You can combine a dark tuxedo with black shoes, regardless of the color of the garments. The ties, if they are clear, contrast better and stand out much more. Satin fabrics also produce a spectacular and shiny finish.

The advantage of this fashion is its serenity . Any tuxedo of this type will make it easy for you to choose. You will not need to search for elements that combine or cross colors unnecessarily. The suit will do all the work for you.

Night wedding suits

These suits usually come in dark colors. Black is the protagonist par excellence. And it is not casual in this fashion, since it combines better with the night than any other tone. Although that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment. Some boyfriends take risks with vinotinto and violet.

In these tuxedos elegance has total primacy. Any extravagance is ruled out. It is a sober, formal and unicolor style fundamentally. It will give you an image of a responsible boyfriend. It is ideal if you are young and want to have a more adult or air .

On the other hand, ornaments almost never have prominence. The most normal is to opt for a pocket square whose color stands out without attracting too much attention. The idea is that the balance between the darkness of your clothes and that of the environment is not altered.