5 Tips to Buy Men’s Pants

Although there are pants designed for both men and women, it is definitely men who most closely relate to this garment.That is why our Fashion and Style Guide could not be complete if it did not include an exclusive page of tips for buying men’s pants.

The word pants is synonymous with manhood, masculinity.When a man is brave, bold and reckless, it is said that “he has his pants on,” while the coward says that “he lacks pants.”

This leaves no doubt about the importance of pants for men. Women can decide between wearing skirts, dresses, tights … and pants are just one more option for them.On the other hand for the man there is no other garment to cover the lower part of the body, the pants are our only option.

1. Avoid excess cloth.

There are some pants that exceed the fabric content, such is the case with wide-sleeved trousers (underpants) and pants with pleats.

The main reason why this type of pants is not recommended is because the excess of fabric adds volume, in a few words it will make you look fat, even if you are not.

But if you have extra pounds, even just a pair, wearing pants with these characteristics is an unforgivable mistake.

The too visible rods are also not recommended, especially if you are short, because they will make you look even lower.

The solution: Choose pants that fit your waist perfectly, without tightening too much or becoming baggy.

2. The ideal length is one that does not reveal the sock.

The right length in the pants is also a common problem for many men who do not know how to choose it.

It’s easy, you just have to remember that the pants should reach the top of the foot, covering the socks and preventing them from seeing each other.

It is also helpful and an elementary rule of masculine style that the socks are the same color as the pants. Take it into account.

3. Your pants cover a part that they always look at.

Choosing your pants carefully before buying them is very important because this garment covers a part that women like to look at in a man.

Do you know which part they like to watch?

It is your butt. If you thought of something else take for bad thought.

Therefore avoid excess fabric and folds, and instead look for the perfect fit and fall so that your butt looks phenomenal.

4. Dark colors are the best.

With what we have been saying in the previous articles of this Fashion and Style Guide, if you want to assemble a varied wardrobe with few clothes, choose the colors black, navy blue, dark gray and beige, and we combine between them.

These are the basic tones and they work very well to start, and later you can incorporate other colors. For more details of this access our lesson Combinations of colors and garments.

5. Jeans are good, but informal.

Many men like jeans because they are comfortable and look great with any casual attire, for example with a leather jacket.

But you should never lose sight of the fact that this is an informal garment and should be used in activities of daily living and merely informal occasions.

By the way, do yourself a favor and avoid wearing stretch denim, pierced jeans. Or any quirky designer denim.

Clothing should help to hide the weak points of your body, not to highlight them, so unless you have a very athletic and well-toned body it is better to avoid any type of tight clothing.

And please do not wear jeans to go out at night to the night to flirt girls, or to a night party. In the first one because you won’t look dressed for the occasion, in the second one because there are men wearing jeans everywhere, and you don’t want to be one more of the bunch. If you want to attract women, don’t be one more, stand out.