Combine Dark Pants with Shirts for Men

As we have taught you in Men’s Fashion Blog, combining is not easy, since it is something very subjective that requires experience and good taste. But more and more men are worried about combining their clothes properly, it is because of them that today we are going to teach you how to combine dark pants with shirts . The dark jeans are a type of pants that feel very well and is easy to match with any color, why we should not have major problems. It all depends on the closet bottom we have, that is, on the number of shirts we have in order to combine them.

What shirts would fit my dark pants better?

White, blue, red, gray, brown, striped, smooth, plaid, it will suit almost any color and shape. Then you have to take into account if you want to dress informally with jeans or if it is formal , with Chinese or dress pants.

Casual combinations recommended with dark jeans and shirts

Casual combinations with dark pants will stand out for denim shirts, plaid shirts or striped shirts . The shirts can be worn outside the pants and also open to show the shirt underneath.

Another important detail of an informal look with shirts that feels good with dark pants , is to get a good contrast, that is, look for more vivid and cheerful colors on the shirts. On the other hand the dark pants will normally be a cowboy . Taking the front skinny jeans dark blue or black.

Formal combinations recommended with dark pants or Chino and shirts :

For their part, formal combinations will consist of dark pants, pants, suit or dress, away from jeans and their more casual style. Shirts may be plain or striped not very marked. The shirt must be worn inside the pants.

As for accessories , men do not have much more choice than a smart watch, a beautiful belt or a tie. So both would be the ideal complement, both for a casual and formal look. Always looking for neutral colors, away from the color contrasts of the blocking color .