Golden rules to look good in the office

If you are like most men, it is likely that in your whole life you have worn clothes that are too big for your body.

“Most guys are used to wearing baggy clothes,” says Veeral Rathod, CEO of the men’s clothing store J. Hilburn. “They want to dress appropriately and want to look good, but they just do not know how.”

If you are one of those who avoid going to the tailor or any store to take your measurements, the following guide called “How Clothes Should Fit”, originally published on Reddit , will help you choose the right clothes for your wardrobe.

Let’s start with the shirts:

  • The neck: “If turning the head causes the neck to move with it, the neck is too tight,” according to the guide. “You should be able to comfortably fit two fingers inside your buttoned collar without squeezing it against your skin.”
  • The cuffs: The cuffs should be a little looser than a watch and be two centimeters from the wrist bone.
  • The shoulders: The seam of the shirt must be at the height of the shoulder bone.
  • The sleeves: If you can see the details of your arms, your shirt is too tight. “But it should not be so loose to the point of inflating,” says the guide. “When you bend your arm, your fist should not move more than an inch from your wrist.”

Let’s continue with the Chinese pants.

  • No pants, I repeat NONE, you need a strap to keep them at your waist.
  • The pants in the image below have a somewhat thin cut. There is nothing wrong with the setting, but some might prefer a more conservative look.
  • Avoid the folds, because they make it look like you are carrying more weight around your stomach.
  • The chinos should not be tight to the legs, but should not be inflated. It should be comfortably close to your legs without causing resistance.
  • In general, you should have a “break” (something like a rest point) in the legs of the pants. This “break” is a fold at the base of the leg of the pants that is generated when the pants collides with the shoe. But if you prefer to go without socks with your chinos, then it would be better to avoid the folds.

And now the dress pants.

  • The dress pants should fit similarly to the Chinese, that is, they should be comfortable near the leg without undulating.
  • The folds should be avoided at all costs.
  • Dress pants must have a single crease defined below the center of each leg of the pants.
  • You should aim to have a small “break”, but you should always have it. Some people may choose a vast weight (sometimes lead) that falls and does not generate a resting point.
  • According to the guide, at least one small “break” (as shown in the image) is pleasing to the eye, and Brooks Brothers agrees with this.