How men should dress for a festival

how to dress for a festival

With the arrival of spring and summer, outdoor parties and other celebrations begin. That’s why we want to tell you how to dress for a festival . These are some fashion rules to go to shows that you must take into account in the coming months.

Festival Accessories for men

  • Mirror glasses: they are the brightest choice in terms of sunglasses. There are different styles, shapes and brands. The most popular are the aviator, but you will find many more options, choose depending on the shape of your face.
  • Hat: as the previous element, it is not only for fashion, but they are practical this season. They are focal points in the outfits. If you like simplicity, opt for a denim cap, but there are also more colorful options that look great. Fedora are very fashionable and look very masculine in neutral tones.
  • Backpack: this is necessary at festivals, you will want a light and with enough space. Opt for classic tones that can be combined with different pieces of clothing.

Festival Clothes for men

Here is fashion guide for how to dress for a festival:

  • Shirt with patterns: choose them from light fabrics and with colorful and graphic decorations.
  • Shoes: don’t just think about comfort, try to give your feet some style. Today white shoes are a basic, but they can get very dirty. The boots are an excellent choice, rustic in brown or black; They go very well with bohemian looks.
  • The most popular patterns of this season are florals, but choose ones that look adult, avoid children or very feminine.
  • Denim: the pieces of this fabric can not be missing in your look for festivals. He prefers a medium blue shade, although light washing also goes well with everything. Black denim goes very well with white or bright colors.
  • T-shirt: no festival look looks bad with a classic men’s t-shirt , prefers shades like white, gray or black. Complete with accessories such as necklaces and bracelets. If you want to dare a little more opt for the shirts with phrases or logos of your favorite bands.