How to Combine Patent Leather Shoes

How to Combine Patent Leather Shoes

If you have reached this article it is because you probably have doubts when it comes to combining patent leather shoes as a man , or even if they recommend wearing them in an informal way, since with a formal style they have always been taken to dress up.

Men with Patent Leather Shoes?

To the question of whether I recommend wearing patent leather shoes to men , my answer is yes. A conditional yes, everything will depend on which shoe and how you combine it, like almost everything in the world of fashion. But what is clear is that this type of footwear is worn and much.

But how do I combine my patent leather shoes? . It is surely what interests you most, ideas, looks, combinations, sets and suggestions. Well, you are in the right place. Keep reading without losing detail. ????

Above we have a first idea to combine them, and we are going to have to focus on the color of the shoes and the style of pants.

Personally I would not combine them with normal or Chinese jeans, I would look for skinny pants, without becoming super tight, that are not wide. Something similar to the look above with the black broken skinny, which are perfect with black patent leather shoes .

Here is an example (with less brightness) of blacks too, thanks to Pull & bear (its price is € 16 on sale, but usually they are around € 30-40).

Anyway, we now turn to another more elegant style by Zara with these shoes and this idea of ​​combination where we see again how they seek to combine dark tones with other dark tones.

What is clear is that it is not easy to combine them, so you will have to be very careful if you do not want to stand out badly. I would recommend following the patterns that we see from the big brands, where they usually combine it with dark pants (not to attract too much attention from the shoes?) And where the top takes on the most importance of the look and not the shoes patent .

Want to see more Patent leather shoes?

This one in particular is in patent leather, lining and leather floor, ideal for men looking for something classic but with a casual and informal touch. A pretty piece that is in the market at around 50 or 60 euros, depending on the store.

But perhaps you are looking for something more striking that comes out of the patterns seen so far … Well this shoe above is your solution. A footwear of the Fennati brand (made in Spain) again, but with a silver finish.