How to Dress a Customized Suit

Tailored suits are created with your measurements and preferences in mind. Therefore, in this post we want to give some advice on how it is advisable to wear a suit tailored . In this way, we will achieve an attractive and modern look , always preserving the elegance that characterizes us.

  • Last button unbuttoned

As you know, most suits have two buttons, so we only have to fasten the top one; if it is a jacket that only has a button, we will have to fasten it unless we want to go more informal. When we sit down, we must undo the button so as not to force the jacket to possible stretches.

  • Let see the cuff of the shirt

Nowadays it is fashionable to see the cuff of the shirt by the sleeves of the suit, so we should not feel that our jacket is small because the fist of the shirt is visible.

  • The bottom of the trousers

It is advisable that when standing the trousers end where our dress shoe begins; we can also take it a little longer so that there is not too much leg exposed when we sit down. We recommend the first option, since it follows the natural course of a pair of trousers.