How to wear a Men’s Denim Shirt

Denim shirts are one of the basic garments for the wardrobe of every man , it is a type of shirt with a blue tone, which can vary from lighter to darker, and that is very helpful, since it allows it to be combined with almost any pants , both color, and cut, and also carry formally or informally.

A picture is worth a thousand words, or so they say, and a video? Sometimes it is better not to get too complicated and teach things easily and simply. An explanatory video or photos of combinations of clothes, how to combine denim shirts would be much more useful than 20 paragraphs talking about it.

It looks like you could combine the denim shirt , having it simply as a main garment, or accompanying a shirt. As for the combination of the rest of the set, the model chooses to combine jeans skinny jeans , along with beige boots of the Timberland brand

This is only one way in a million when it comes to combining your clothes, but it would be impossible to summarize that million forms in a single post, right? Here are other tips for you to combine your cowboy shirts:

Short sleeve denim shirt for men?

A much more casual shirt style (even if it fits) than if we wear long sleeves. Ideal for when the heat squeezes and we want to wear a shirt, but in a much more casual way. There are hundreds of ways to combine a denim short sleeve shirt , but I would never recommend wearing it with casual pants, joggers that are so fashionable now.

Knowing this detail, we can combine it with a pair of pants (of any color), jeans, corduroy, etc. As for colors I would choose colors that contrast with the shirt, that is, they are the same Texan color as the shirt itself. I would look for contrasts with black, brown, white, etc.

Other types of denim shirts?

For example with pockets, and it is not the same to combine normal denim shirts , than something more modern and striking as the latter. Why? Because everything depends on the occasion. This type of denim shirt with pockets would always combine it very informally.

The details of the flowers, the pocket and that it is in long sleeves give it a total summer touch, so with some shorts it would be an ideal look to go for a walk when the heat tightens.

Denim shirt tight to the body or wide?

This is a very common question, do we wear the shirt tight to the body, or perhaps wider and loose ?. The answer depends on your body, that is, if we have a good or even normal body, we can choose to take it fairer to the body, while if we are a somewhat thicker constitution we will choose to carry it wide, so as not to mark or the belly not even the chest

But let’s not go to extremes, we can also look for something in between. Neither an S, nor an XXL, we can opt for an average size, which is not too fair or wide.

Learn to combine a denim shirt

We tell you all the possibilities to combine a denim shirt for men and not die trying, Here we go!

Buckled or unbuttoned?

Okay, one of the basic rules that you should keep in mind when wearing a shirt of this type, is that everything changes if you wear it buttoned or unbuttoned : the first way helps you look much more elegant, while the second will give you a look much more casual and youthful. All this depends, of course, on the model you have at that time, remember that there are many of these shirts in the men’s clothing store.

With denim pants?

This question is very normal when we talk about jean shirts, since many people want to combine them with pants of the same color. This can be done without any problem only if both garments are a different shade of blue , so we do not recommend, at all, that you wear a denim shirt of the same tone as your pants. Believe me, it won’t look good.

What shirt can you combine it with?

The advantage of the jeans shirt is that we can combine, practically, with any color, so it will be very useful when we do not know what to wear. However, if what you are looking for is to stand out, we recommend that you wear a white basic T-shirt , it can be short sleeves or even suspenders. Just look for your jean shirt to be a darker shade so that the white below is highlighted.

Brown jeans?

The best thing you can do when you have a shirt of this type is to combine it with brown pants , since both colors get along harmoniously. Take advantage and if you have accessories, lenses or shoes of this tone you can also include them.