How to Wear men’s Gray Skinny Pants

I have to admit that this pants has me in love. I am not a fan of gray pants , I throw more for the more or less dark denim classics and even for blacks (do you want to know how to combine white pants ?) Or navy blue, but the ease that gray gives to combine is undoubted.

Ideas to combine gray skinny pants

But this particular model of Pull & Bear has been able to with me, I have fallen. UPDATE POST, saying that 4 years after the purchase, the pants are still in perfect condition. Excellent buy.

The price is € 30, which does not make it especially cheap or expensive, something intermediate. But I didn’t have any gray pants in the closet and this skinny low cuff model seems like a great opportunity for the coming Christmas.

In this case we find a look 100% by Zalando , the price of the pants being € 30, a price according to the market, to most of the fashionable pants for men . Combines it with Adidas shoes, a printed shirt and a denim jacket. That is, a casual-elegant combination.

Anyway, although in this article I focus on the model of the first image of gray skinny pants (eye, if it does not look good, click on the photo), there are hundreds of different and very similar ones that follow the same patterns, and although you read this post and it is not for sale now, surely there will be other similar models.

Ideas to combine this men’s gray skinny pants

First of all, look at the look that Pull & Bear gives us. I think it’s a perfect combination, where you can see the contrast of the gray pants with a sweater (pretty pretty by the way) navy blue. And in addition to some sneakers (I also like) white New Balance , but Pull, which are now worn.

Gray sneakers

I would add some Nike SB Janoski Max Green to this look.

They do not have to be Nike, nor this specific model, it is simply a suggestion of a garment that you can buy anywhere in the world, which takes a lot, and that are beautiful.

Other sneakers that combine quite well with gray or black skinny pants are the Nike Force 1 , the ones in the image below:

Men’s gray t-shirts

For the top, the options are endless, but I would prefer more for dark clothes (such as the top sweater) to highlight both, both the top and the pants.

So dark sweaters, dark shirts or shirts and coats also with dark trends would be ideal. But not the only thing, if you want to combine the gray pants with a white shirt, it would be great for example.

The footwear is undoubtedly the part that stands out , leaving aside the pants, since the eyes are focused on it and are diverted to the footwear. Another option is as in the photo above something more discreet, and elegant, with a brown or beige color. Another option, which I personally use a lot, is the Timberland or Panama Jack style boots, generating a rather curious and beautiful contrast.

Buy gray pants for men

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I hope the article serves you, and if you have any doubts, do not hesitate to leave a comment asking or even if you want to leave a photo of your look, we can leave you an evaluation