How to Wear Smart Casual neakers

The fashion evolution erased the boundaries between different styles, making everyday clothes more practical and ultimatum. The most striking example is smart casual, which has become something between a classic style and casual. It allows you to combine t-shirts and jackets, dress pants and plaid shirts, jeans and cardigans. Instead of classic shoes, oxfords and derby, you can wear sneakers, which will provide greater comfort and make the bow easier. But even in such a simple and laid-back style, there are some nuances. Therefore, now we, together with the stylists of the Element sneakers online store, will tell you how to wear cross-shoes with smart casual.

  1. Go gradually If this is your first experience of mixing styles and you used to stick to the classics, then you do not need to jump right off the bat. Having bought even the coolest sneakers, you can feel that they are not suitable. Therefore, start with models in dark shades without a pronounced white sole trim. The best color will be black – it goes well with other colors and will not stand out much from the overall picture. Over time, when you get used to it, you can take on brighter sneakers and make the overall style less strict and official.
  2. Combine colors If you took bright or colorful sneakers, let them go with the rest of your clothes. Let your bow have at least one element of the same color. If there are several colors on the cross, for example, blue-yellow-white, these models can be worn with dark pants and a light blue or denim shirt. Or with neutral jeans and a yellow sweater or T-shirt, on top of which there will be a cardigan or jacket. Simply put, you need to pick up one or two things of a similar color scheme.
  3. Do not forget about the twists Initially, crosses were intended for sweatpants with cuffs on boats, but for straight semi-classic trousers or jeans, upside down is necessary. This will help to avoid creases and slightly narrow the trousers to the bottom, so that they will be better in harmony with sports shoes. By the way, the doorways can be not only in the form of a narrow strip, but also wide, which is excellent for a classic pair with an arrow. Because of this synthesis of sportswear and casual, pants appeared with an elastic band on the belt and pre-hemmed tacks with an arrow. With them, you do not have to correct the gates every time, and a belt to them is also not needed. At the same time, a business orientation is maintained, so you can go to work in them.
  4. Alternate shoes This is not about species, but about models. We are talking about smart casual – these are respectable clothes. You go to work in it, so you should not wear one pair to make it look dead. It’s better to buy several and wear them alternately: white – a universal color suitable for any style – and colored to stand out from the crowd. In addition, you will be able to navigate the weather, and you will not have to dodge puddles in their snow-white crosses.
  5. Make a few bows So that wardrobe updates do not lead you to a standstill when you will wear crosses with one set of clothes, make up several images. So you can alternate clothes and feel more confident. At the same time, it is not necessary to conduct a total purchase – just look through the already existing things. Smart sneakers work best with:
  • Cropped classic trousers
  • Jeans
  • loose shirts of a classic cut
  • jumpers
  • basic t-shirts
  • jackets
  • coat
  • headgear (caps, fedora hat).
  1. Keep Your Sneakers Clean Even the most well-chosen set can be ruined, clogging the condition of the shoes. Just imagine: a quality shirt, perfectly fitted trousers and dirty, worn-out sneakers. This will violate all the harmony of the outfit, and instead of a modern and fashionable guy you will be known as a slut. This is a smart casual, in it you go to work and should look neat in everything. Even the fact that you have crosses, and not shoes, does not give the right to score on their appearance. Regularly wash your sneakers, and so that spots do not accumulate, carry a pack of wet wipes with you and remove dirt as they appear.