How to wear white pants for men

It is true that a few years ago white pants were worn more, were more demanded by men and in turn there was more variety in stores to buy models of this heat. Nowadays they are still selling, of course, but their interest in men’s fashion has dropped a bit . What kind of white pants? How to wear pants? With what to wear them? Where to buy these white pants? These are some of the questions you ask us and that we are going to try to solve in this article that we hope will help you.

What kind of white pants for men exist?

That is, what models of pants we can find with white colors or tones very close to white, such as very light blue.

We will find of course white jeans (“jeans”). Surely they are the most demanded and for those who are here, to learn to combine them. But are not the only ones. Apart from the white jeans for men we can find white trousers , I say Chinese because in this way the classic pants that are not jeans are normally known.

How to combine white pants?

The problem of combining these pants comes mainly because of the color, which is a concern for many men. But more than the color (we will see that it is very easy to combine, since it is a neutral color) the difficulty would have to exist according to the type of pants and the style we are looking for.

The main problem comes with the top of our look. We will take into account four colors: black, gray, brown and same white, although we will also be able to combine with others such as blue (navy) or beige. As you can see, how to combine white pants for men should not pose any challenge, more seeing all these photos and looks and with the corresponding explanations.

Therefore, putting ourselves up will depend on the look we are looking for. If we wear white jeans we can combine them with a gray / black shirt and brown shoes for example (photo below), while if you are looking for something elegant, a black shirt, tie, brown jacket would be perfect. The case is to play with the aforementioned range of colors and adapt it to the style we are looking for.

As for footwear, my recommendation is that you never combine white pants with white shoes, and I mean completely white, not brown shoes with white traces for example. The ideal for me is dark shoes.

If we want to go elegant with white trousers, the best is black shoes or loafers, if we want a more casual look, the ideal would be white jeans with more sporty style shoes or dark booty, and even brown as ankle boots or boots Too big, and even if we continue with the informal looks, we could combine white pants with white sneakers.

Where can we buy white pants?

Another very common question, since as we said before now they tend to sell less. But do not worry as there are hundreds of physical stores and especially online where you can buy them.

For example if we get into the website of Pull and Bear of every ten pants we will see only one that is white . The proportion is not very large, but enough knowing the variety of stores there are. By the way the price is usually between € 20 and more than € 60 if we look at level brands such as Massimo Dutti, Armani or Levis.

But the best, this selection we have prepared for the readers . The best price and cost, from Amazon, to avoid shipping problems:

There are many celebrities who have decided to take them, the Oscar nominee, Ryan Gosling, is one of those who is not far behind and it is he who inspires us to be able to wear this garment in the best elegant events and even in the most casual ones. Wearing white pants is synonymous with freshness, relaxation and spring, so today we will show you everything you need to know.

The best white pants models

Here we will present the best combinations that you can do with white pants, so you will know the most prominent models, including:

  • Joggers
  • Skinnies
  • Regular cut
  • Bermuda

Any of these models can be used, the only detail is that you should be careful with what you are going to combine it, since any color or accessory could make the difference of the whole outfit. Therefore, follow these tips.

Jogger pants white

Jogger type white pants are ideal for going for a sports ride. Run with your dogs or they may serve for a relaxed beach party. They are the ideal pants for a casual meeting after the gym , since they provide that sporty and relaxed look that we like so much.

Combining them with a water flannel or a polo shirt are the most ideal in these cases.

Skinnys pants

This type of pants is the one you find in all stores. They are ideal for any outing with your friends to a not so formal party. You can combine them with a gray sweater like the one below and black tennis.

Although, these also look the simplest way: with a black shirt that makes contrast, it will give you a pretty monochrome look that you will love. Now, if you know how to combine better, you can wear a white shirt with a black jacket over it or a sweater that makes tone. Shoes can have a sporty style too.

Regular cut pants

If you are not one of those who like to wear too tight pants on the legs, then the regular cut is what you need, since these give a style quite in line with what you are looking for. They are very versatile, since you can take advantage of it in terms of how to combine them.

If you want a semi-formal look, you can opt for these pants with a shirt and a simple jacket, with sports shoes or tennis shoes that match so that it does not look too formal.

In the same way, you can appear in your office with white pants and a good jacket . You will call everyone’s attention to see you in this elegant way, but without having looked much in the closet.

The poles are good options to combine white pants, so one in blue with earth shoes are the ones that will give you the harmony you need in everyday life to look great from head to toe.


The shorts or shorts may not be long pants as such, but they are not very easy to combine either. They are a double-edged sword , so you must be aware of what you are going to put together the look before leaving home.

Ideally, if it is white, you can take colors that go in harmony. Try to make them light or pastel colors, since if you wear shorts, you are likely to go to an outdoor event and not to a formal meeting in the office.

For this reason, you can also use pretty comfortable polo shirts or flannels that match, accompanied by tennis shoes that go the same way.

Do not forget that these tips are just so you can get a better style , so everything you use should make you feel as comfortable as possible.