Learn To Dress For Every Occasion

We want to help you learn to dress for every occasion , so we bring you a guide with the dress codes. Surely you have received an invitation to a party, wedding or other type of event and you see that it says semi-formal dress, but it is not clear to you what this means and you have a good time trying to decide how you are expected to dress. Keep reading and learn a little more about this topic.

Casual clothing

There are several types of casual dress , know what they are and what clothes are included in these:

Casual or casual

If you are invited to dress casually, it basically reads like there is no dress code and you can use any clothing with which you feel comfortable. For men it is simple, think about what you will wear when you go shopping, a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers . If you see it very casual, you can opt for a polo shirt or shirt and pants like Chinese or persimmons, you will always look good.

On t-shirts it prevents them from having offensive or rude messages, which we know are very fashionable designs with different texts and images.

Business casual

In English it is known as business casual . If you wonder what it is, consider what you would wear to go to the office.

Men can wear casual khaki pants with a polo shirt or a collar shirt (with patterns or unicolor), dress shoes and loafers. Remember to iron these pants and shirt well, nothing makes you lose style like wrinkles on your clothes.

Smart casual

Smart casual dress or Smart casual is a combination of the two previous styles, to get a more elegant look.

For men this is an excellent opportunity to wear more elegant jeans, preferably navy blue (without gaps or very worn), with a button-down shirt and a jacket or sports jacket. You can also wear casual pants, a vest and a tie. You can mix and play with your style .

Take into account that for this type of Smart casual look the idea is that you look good, stylish and neat.

Learn to dress for every occasion, formal type

The formal style like the casual one has several subdivisions, knows what they are:

Formal business

This is the most sophisticated point than the elegant casual; If you read this term on an invitation card for men, it means that they must wear a suit and tie.

Gentlemen must wear a business suit with a tie. But if you think you don’t want to be so formal, you can wear dress pants with a sports jacket and a tie.

In both cases it is recommended or painted by neutral colors such as black, dark blue, gray or brown.

Semi-formal attire

This definition of look is more elegant than business, but less than formal, that is, it does not reach the formality of a tuxedo. It is widely used for weddings. Also known as cocktail type. Think about dressing simple but elegant.

A suit and tie is ideal for men, it is the definition of semi-formal. They prefer the white shirt and a thin tie, as well as black shoes.

Formal or optional tuxedo

Formal dress or optional tuxedo for events is one of the most elegant ways in dress codes. It usually creates confusion because it leaves open the possibility of wearing a tuxedo, but it is best to opt for the safest and most conservative option.

Men should wear a black tuxedo or dark suit, with white shirt and black tie, although if they want to vary, they can wear a bow tie or bow tie with a design or a color other than black.

Tuxedo mandatory

In this there is no doubt or anything to think about, you can dress yourself considering that you are going to a great award like the Oscars, for the tuxedo men with black bow tie.

If you have any doubt, it is best to look for a look that does not lose its validity in time . That is classic.