Men’s fashion: How to wear sweatshirts

How to wear sweatshirts

When buying a men’s sweatshirt check that it fits you and that it is the right colors. Only then can you see yourself very well. Accompany it with the right presses and you will improve your style. Remember that it is one of the most versatile pieces of your wardrobe.

General tips for wearing sweatshirt :

  • Do not wear the sweatshirt with the logo of a rock band in front.
  • Prefer pure cotton designs. They last longer and are of better quality.
  • Those without a zipper look more formal than those with a zipper.
  • Wear a sweatshirt that fits you, that is your size.
  • He prefers uni colors sweatshirts without logo.

As part of a layered look

When you use it as part of a layered look it loses a bit of prominence. But it helps to protect you on the coldest days. You will look good and be hot at the same time.

To achieve this look you must wear a sweatshirt with or without a zipper over a simple, preferably white t-shirt. About these a coat. And complete with Slim-cut jeans and a pair of sneakers.

To get an athleisure look

If you want to feel comfortable and avoid the cold you can opt for this athleisure look. You do not have to look as if you were lazy to dress or as you go to the gym.

Avoid wide sweatshirts with a giant logo on the front. He prefers soft and not heavy fabrics, which are of quality. Because to achieve this look it is important that they fit your body and that you look “clean”.

Wear your gray zip-up hoodie with pepe jeans and white sneakers. You can also use them with pants type relax, that have drawstring at the waist, fit at the ankles and are light. These should fit the body to see you better.

You can complete with a cap, for the sunniest days. And so you will relieve the formal look a bit.

Under a leather jacket

If you did not convince the layered look with a coat. You can use this option, a combination of sweatshirt with leather jacket is a classic, it works well year after year. So do not doubt that you will look good.

The best thing is that now the sweatshirts have better fabrics, which fit the body better. So you won’t see everything tight with a sweatshirt under a jacket. Of course, invest in pieces that are of quality, that fit you well. And that you can use them in different situations.

A black leather jacket with black or navy blue jeans will look great. Wear sweatshirts of different colors. To enhance the look, combine with leather shoes or Chelsea boots.

You can wear this same style, but with a denim jacket.

Sweatshirts with suits

You can wear a sweatshirt with a tuxedos or a blazer, but you must channel your look well to see yourself very well. Do not be afraid to try it.

Combine the sweatshirt with a casual suit and sneakers. Try a light gray sweatshirt with a lighter-colored suit and lace-up shoes.

You can also try a blue sweatshirt and a dark gray blazer.

Sweatshirts with dress pants

This is a look similar to the previous one, you can wear a sweatshirt with dress pants. This way you will get out of the teenage style of the sweatshirts.

He prefers a neutral tone sweatshirt, dress pants and fancy slippers. If you want to go a little further, wear check pants.