Nine steps to buy the perfect suit

Know what are the requirements that must be taken into account when choosing the perfect outfit in the next photo gallery.

One of the most special garments and with which a man can show his personality is the suit. There are many times when we have to take it to a social event, a meeting or even on a day-to-day basis. For many, the suit must be a “second skin”, so you should feel as comfortable as possible wearing it.

Some people opt for tailored suits. While it is true, this is a choice that involves a higher cost, at least, the person can be sure that it will fit like a glove and appropriate to your measurements and proportions.

For example, the most important thing about a suit is that it fits well on the shoulders and not on the waist, since it can be adjusted more easily.

  1. The most important thing about a suit is that it fits well on the shoulders and not on the waist, as it can be adjusted more easily.
  2. The pattern and design of the costume vary according to the profession. A lawyer and a creative do not wear the same type of suit as they do not perform the same job. Everything depends on the image you want to give him.
  3. It must be taken into account that the fabric must be of quality and, preferably, of natural fibers.
  4. The details must be finished by hand, since this is what gives them the distinguished touch.
  5. The suit has to go according to the complexion. For example, for sturdy people it is not advisable to dress with pictures, or for those who are not very tall it is recommended to make both the pants and the jacket a little shorter to give a feeling of greater height.
  6. In its construction the suit has to be sewn and not fused in order to give the piece a durability up to four times greater.
  7. With regard to the tie, more and more people choose to use the handkerchiefs instead of the tie. Of course, the tie for a formal event is mandatory and must be well constructed and have a good knot.
  8. Like the suit, it is very important to have a shirt that fits the measurements, this makes having a better presence and greater elegance.
  9. The color of the complements is also important, for example blue is associated with formality, pink with creativity and red with power.