Ways To Wear A Men’s Shirt

Today we want to show you the ways to wear a men’s shirt . Gentlemen have to learn to dress according to the occasion. Because it is not the same to go to the office, than to classes, a weekend outings, a business meeting or a romantic date … In all they must be presentable! But how to do not always look the same?

The shirt as a basic piece of men’s wardrobe

The shirt is a garment, that either you have a formal or informal style should not be missing in the men’s wardrobe. It is not a piece only for office workers or for use with suits. Many men dismiss it because they believe that only for a formal look, they do not know when to use it or how to combine it.

Do you know how to choose the right shirt for every occasion ? Do you know when to take it inside and when outside? Here we will tell you more details about this topic.

But, the truth is that there are several ways in which men can wear a shirt. It all depends on the model, pattern, color and occasion in which you will use it. Shoes are also key to achieving a casual, informal or semi-formal look.

Ways to wear a men’s shirt

Unicolor formal shirts, denim shirts and plaid shirts are the most popular among men. Learn how to use each one.

Ways to wear a denim shirt

The denim or denim fabric shirt is a basic in the wardrobe. It is as versatile and indispensable as a white or black one. However, you have to know how to combine it. Since it does not fit well with everything, much less you should use it at any time.

To achieve an informal look you can use it unbuttoned, with a shirt printed underneath, Bermuda or Chinese and nautical. A very summery style that would also make you perfect on a spring Sunday where the sun shines with all its brightness.

If it makes a little fresh air, you can combine it with jeans and adidas shoes .

On the other hand, if you want a more casual style, wear the buttoned denim shirt with black or beige pants and white sneakers. A little more serious? Wear it with colored pants and shoes in the shade that you prefer. For example, brown shoes if the cowboy is earthy or burgundy.

Do you want to use it to go to the office? Why not? In the above proposals you can take it on the outside, but in this one you will only have to put it inside your pants (it can be a straight cut jeans or dress), over a blazer and leather shoes with buckle or laces.

Another way to wear this shirt, and with which you would steal many looks, is to wear it with a black leather jacket, jeans and Chelsea boots of the same color.

How to wear a formal cut shirt

These shirts have a rigid cut , for formal occasions. It seems to you that they are rather for a solemn event that you would not go to. However, you can also take advantage of these in your daily outfits.

To soften your formal style, combine it with casual clothes: jeans and boots. If you have an Italian collar shirt, always wear it inside your pants with a sweater over and Chelsea boots. You can also wear it in your work attire with a blazer.

Do you want a more urban look? Wear it with wine, dark green or terracotta trousers with Timberland boots. Remember, put on a matching belt with the shoes.

Classic shades: black and white shirt

The black shirt is a simple and elegant basic garment that must be combined.

  1. Do not combine only jeans with a black shirt. Yes, it is casual and easy, but it is not the best.
  2. Avoid combining your black shirt with printed garments, be they stripes, plaid or prints.
  3. If possible, do not use it with a vest, unless it has many buttons.
  4. Don’t wear a belt with a striking buckle when wearing a black shirt.
  5. Don’t wear chains under the shirt collar either.

You can bet on a total black for a semi formal event. With a black suit jacket crossed. Or, with tuxedo and accessories in other colors. Like a handkerchief, bow tie or tie with small dots or other details.

And if you insist on the first ‘no’ on the list (jeans + black shirt) you better put on a bomber jacket on top and boots that combine.

For its part, the white shirt is a little easier to combine . However, there are combinations that must be achieved, such as the classic black and white. You can take it to formal events or use it in your day to day.

With this it is very easy to achieve a casual outfit. Unlike the black one, with white you can wear your favorite jeans, in denim, black or any other color. And depending on the tone and the occasion, the footwear could be slippers, nautical, moccasins, espadrilles or formal shoes. For this last option, wear your shirt inside, with a dark belt and pants.

Ways to wear a plaid shirt

The plaid shirts are not typical of hipsters. You don’t have to be to add one of these to your wardrobe and include it in your daily looks. Be it Vichy or Scottish paintings use them with blue jeans or in any other shade that contrasts or enhances the colors of this piece.

You can wear it completely closed and on the outside with mason boots (Timberland). Or wear it over a shirt with a pop print on the front, jeans and white sneakers. Add a leather jacket or bomber jacket to your look.

But, if you want to go with this shirt to the office there is no problem. Whether you go with jeans , Chinese or dress, put on your favorite plaid shirt and a jacket, pullover or blazer.

If you want a more relaxed style, or if the temperature rises and you have a shirt underneath, you can take off your plaid shirt and tie it to your waist as if it were a sweatshirt.

When to wear the shirt inside or out

One of the concerns of men when wearing a shirt is not knowing when to wear it outside or inside. Many times it is not just a matter of aesthetics, if the cut of this favors or not let it loose. But, also, for the occasion. This is why we will tell you when it is appropriate to dress her in one way or another.

Occasions to wear a shirt outside the pants

The shirt looks better on the outside if:

  1. The outfit is casual or summery. On trips with friends and during hot days we just want to feel fresh and comfortable. Therefore, if you wear a shirt, wear it loose.
  2. Depending on the shirt textile. For example, those made of linen are better on the outside because the fabric favors this fall.
  3. Shirts have an exact measure for everyone. The length, the width of the shoulders, the length of the sleeve, etc. However, there are some whose designs are tight and short-waisted. In those cases it is better to wear it outside the pants.
  4. If you have a thick trunk, it will look better if you carry it outside.
  5. The shirt details make it look good on the outside only: straight finish, short sleeves, Mao collar .
  6. If you have very long legs and want to reduce this in sight, wear the shirt on the outside. Of course, the length of this should end at the height of your wrists.

When to wear a shirt inside?

When you wear the shirt inside you not only have to know when to wear it like this, but also how to put it between your pants.

  1. When it is a  formal style shirt (those whose neck is English, opera or Italian).
  2. If you wear a suit or a blazer, you always have to wear it inside.
  3. If the termination of the shirt is circular, it means that it should be worn inside, however casual your look will not look good if you wear it on the outside.
  4. Although the shirt on the outside helps simulate the length of the legs, it is not always convenient to wear it that way. If this garment covers the entire zipper and buttocks, definitely take it inside.
  5. If you have a good physique with wide shoulders and strong pecs.
  6. When you wear a vest and the shirt is very long, you better put it inside your pants.

Finally, remember that you should always carry it inside if the tag code deserves it.

How to know that you have chosen the right shirt?

We will start from top to bottom. But first, put on your shirt and button it full and close the handles.

  • The neck: if you close it completely, it should allow you to easily insert the index and middle fingers of your hand It is not tight or loose.
  • The shoulder line: this seam should be flush with the arm joint.
  • The torso: you must stay fitted, without wrinkles between the buttons or hangings.
  • The handle: this is flush with the base of the wrist, neither above it nor below. Nor should it be tight or wide.