What Color Shoes To Wear With Your Suit

You do not need knowledge of quantum physics to be able to combine your suit with the right shoes; It is not so difficult to realize which colors combine best. Your eyes (or those of your coworkers) are usually the best judges.

But if combining colors is not your area of ​​expertise – no one has told you what color of shoes goes with that navy blue suit – do not lose hope. There are a number of online resources available for men who, like you, use a lot frequently.

Next, the StylesMen Picks team offers tips on how to combine nine colors of suits with different models and shoe tones.

Black. Any shoe color that is not black will look too casual with a black suit. That’s why most guys opt for dark gray or navy blue as a choice of a suit for the diary. Moral of the story: Black Terno goes with black shoes.

Indigo blue. More blue than navy blue, this lively tone is ideal for summer use. Brown shoes with a strap, scuba shoes with openwork leather and black moccasins with braids combine well with this color. As long as the color of the suit is less than the “business professional” type, you will have more color options for your feet.Champagne. Soft beige terns are a good choice for formal daytime events and summer weddings. Combine your suit with light colored shoes: white, tan, brown and navy blue are all excellent options.Dark gray. Dark gray, like black, does not have many color options. You should never wear brown shoes with a dark gray suit: dark brown shoes can not match properly, while light brown shoes are too casual. The best option is full black; while a red wine color (see BOSS Black by Hugo Boss) has a touch of elegance a little more relaxed.

Gray. Opt for black and brown shoes when wearing a gray suit. If you are wearing the suit with a white shirt and tie, choose a classic black shoe. Of course, combining your suits and shoes is not an exact science; You should experiment with different shades of brown to see which one looks better.

Khaki. Summer brings a range of lighter colors. If you have a khaki blouse hanging in your closet, be sure to combine it with almost any color except black – this color will uncomfortably draw attention to your feet. The navy blue, red wine, brown and cinnamon will serve you well.

Light grey. A light gray suit looks great with brown tan shoes. You will not look bad wearing standard brown or black shoes, but you will have more versatility here and you must use it to show your fashion prowess – because yes, businessmen know how to dress.Navy Blue For most men, the navy blue suit is the workhorse of your wardrobe Monday through Friday. It is professional and the most flexible of colors: you can combine a navy blue suit with black shoes, brown or red wine depending on the occasion. The black shoes make the typical business suit, while the brown is more relaxed – the cherry or red wine give a more playful and social touch.

White. A white striped suit has the concept of warm weather written everywhere. Which is the best option? The light brown leather and suede shoes combine perfectly and another good option is also a gray Blucher.