Mao Shirt Collar

The Mao shirt collar or “Mandarin collar” , is a very particular type of collar. It is characterized by being a type of short neck, open, raised and with rounded ends. This type of neck is inspired by the costumes of Imperial China, and gets its name from the famous Emperor Mao Zedong.

Its appearance is that of the traditional shirt collar, but without shovels. Due to its particular appearance and shape, it is a very versatile type of neck. The Mao collar manages to blend the elegance of a traditional collar with the most casual look that is achieved with a shirt. Thanks to this mix, you can combine getting an informal look or a more serious and elegant look, adapting to all kinds of occasions. This facility to combine shirts with Mao collar with other garments, is one of its main advantages and is one of the reasons why in every wardrobe there must be a shirt with this type of collar.

The Mao collar can be combined with shorts, jeans or dress pants, can be worn wearing the shirt inside or outside the pants, with or without a jacket, buttoned or unbuttoned depending if we want to get a more elegant style or more casual. Mao neck is increasingly used and is very fashionable at this time, especially in spring and near the coast.