The Tuft for Man: Most Fashionable Hairstyles of Recent Times

The Tuft for Man: Most Fashionable Hairstyles of Recent Times
Showy hairstyles captures attention, especially if it is particularly voluminous! This also applies to men’s tufts! We show you the most fashionable of the moment, directly from the world of the stars, along with some styling suggestions to have a perfect tuft!
The tuft captures attention, is original and can make the wearer look taller. In short, it has all the credentials to be a cutting edge in every respect! The basic requirements are two: long enough hair and a little desire to get involved!

Men’s tuft: who gives the most?

This hairstyle was made famous by the legendary Elvis many years ago, but its success never waned, up to the present day, a time in which it can be counted among the most current men’s hairstyles: proud tuft bearers I am in fact the American singer Bruno Mars, the Austrian rocker Andrea Gabalier and the German musician Goetz Alsmannm, in addition to the young American actor Chris Colfer and the Canadian actor Nolan Gerard Funk, just to name a few.

Variations on the theme of a man’s tuft

The tuft hairstyles can have many different shapes and lengths. But regardless of the type of tuft, there are five key points that everyone should know:

  1. If the hair on the side is cut very short, as in the case of Goatz Alsmann in the picture above, the tuft will be the main protagonist of your hairstyle.
  2. The transition, however, can also be delicate, as in the case of Bruno Mars.
  3. The tuft can be combed carefully with the comb or, if you prefer a more casual look, it can be styled using your hands.
  4. It is not necessary to cover gray hair: it makes the look even more interesting.
  5. Make your tuft stand out by making it look as bright and shiny as possible.

Ok, enough with the theory! Here are all the secrets to create a perfect and resistant man-style hairstyle:

Men’s tufted hair: what’s the use?

  • Volumizing mousse
  • Hairdryer
  • Cotton brush
  • Wax or hair gel
  • Hair spray

How to make hair with tufts for men: instructions

  1. After washing the hair, use the volumizing mousse and dry the hair with a hair dryer and use a round brush to comb the hair from the root to the ends. Make sure your hair looks good!
  2. Use a cotton swab and comb the hair to give it volume, lock after lock, in the opposite direction. After that, style your hair and carefully comb your back.
  3. Apply a bit of hair gel, if you want a wet look, or a little wax if you prefer a more flexible and bright style. Put it on your hands and give shape to the tuft, then comb the rest of the hair.
  4. Sprinkle a little lacquer to stop the hairstyle and have a more lasting hold.