The basic garments are reinvented

The cold season has already reached the offices and the male wardrobe also requires a complete renovation. Today not only the basic garments like the shirt enter, but these essential pieces are reinvented. The white shirt becomes more complex, the earth colors are entering with force and become infaltables in this era. Take note and start the changes.

The classic shirt becomes technological Stephanie Eyzaguirre, Brand Manager of Brooks Brothers, in Larcomar, explains that non-iron shirts are essential to keep them intact throughout the day. A navy blue blazer should not miss, it is a super versatile garment that can be worn both day and night.

A versatile and original style In the opinion of Marco Váscones, commercial manager of the firm located in Larcomar, not only white or sky blue color shirts are among the classics. You have to opt for regular slim pants and blazers too. These last ones and the jackets allow to create diverse outfits for the day to day labor. “Without including accessories like watches, by season an executive may be investing between US $ 1,000 and US $ 2,000.”

Milano Bags Candy colors and land kings of winter. For Mariana Barrios, fashion consultant at Milano Bags (Larcomar), executives must have a short double-breasted coat for casual wear inspired by the trench coat. Regarding materials, wool in combination with leather and denim. The caramel color is the protagonist for this type of articles.

For an executive fashionista In the opinion of Josemanuel Dellepiane, Brand Manager of Timberland, the basic garments in the closet of an executive in this season are jackets and shirts.

She also recommends the use of sweaters in navy blue tones, pants in vibrant colors, garments in earth tones, ocher and mustard, shirts, vests and plaid sweaters. In the case of the brand, a man invests an approximate of S / 1,100 in buying clothes to renovate his wardrobe and does it three times a season.

For day to day Dusko Kelez, general manager of DUKE, advises opting for full colors on the shirts, like the blue and white.

On the pants, the basic ones are navy blue, black and beige, but it is always good to have a couple of more versatile season colors. In the case of coats, your wardrobe can be renewed by opting for three classic round neck sweaters, in colors such as navy blue, blue and black.

Be sophisticated with few clothes For the designer Yorgo Stratouris, there is no more versatile and more combinable garment than a white shirt. It also recommends suits of the following colors: black, night blue and gray. “Depending on your style, you can choose a classic, modern or tight cut,” he says. Gabardine because it gives a different look, formal or informal, using it with a suit or a t-shirt.

Casual and elegant in the office For Erick Figueroa, Brand Manager of Van Heusen, executives should count on garments in neutral tones such as white, black and earth, as they are easier to combine.