8 Fashion Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Style

Here is a List of most common Fashion Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Style.You Should Avoid these Mistakes to have an Amazing Look.

1.”Shorts with multiple pockets are ‘cool’ for everything that can be stored in them.” Once again, I reiterate that bermuda shorts are generally considered to be extremely outdated and outdated today. Avoid them at all costs. Instead, try wearing thin ‘chino’ pants to give a more modern look.

2. “Only construction workers and goths wear boots”. There is a wide variety of boots on the market, from brouged dress boots to vintage work boots. There is a boot for every type of man and not just the black Dr. Martens and Timberland.

3. “I thought black suits were the best color and the most versatile.” Actually, the most versatile suit color is navy blue or dark gray. These are the first two colors that men should buy when they start putting together their wardrobe. Black suits are only suitable for occasions such as weddings and funerals, and sometimes for the office. Use your black suit sparingly.

4. “I thought the square toe shoes were cool.” Square toe shoes have been “unacceptable” for some time now, and men are advised to stay away from them. They are coarse, uncomfortable and distracting, with a totally unflattering profile. Follow with your classic English sewing shoes.

5. “I used to coordinate the color of my casual shoes with my polo or shirt so that they are the same.” While it may be a strategic style decision to have your shoes and shirt combined, this is almost completely unnecessary. In fact, for most garments, this would look pretty ridiculous … Although it might work for some street style combinations based on specific types of sneakers.

6. “I always thought that the strap had to match the shoes no matter what you wear.” Matching the color of your belt and your shoes is a good rule of thumb for more formal occasions, but there it is. This is not necessary for business suits or any other level of clothing inferior to that.

7. “Black shoes go with everything”. Black shoes do NOT go with everything. For many colors of suits and other garments, it would be very ‘novel’ to wear black shoes. If you want a shoe that goes with everything, buy a nice pair of openwork caramel leather.

8. “Pocket handkerchiefs have to match the tie”. Handkerchiefs do not have to match the tie, contrary to what is seen in the costumes of news anchors on television. In fact, it is likely that they should not be the same color.

In any case, your pocket handkerchief can match the color of your shirt, but even that is not necessary. Feel free to choose the pocket handkerchief you like the most.