Five items of clothing that should be avoided in the office

Specialists recommend leaving aside shorts, torn jeans, caps, polo shirts with prints and other elements at work. However, everything may vary according to the work item.

Dress codes at work have evolved over time. Strictness and restriction have given way to variety and comfort, although much depends on the work item.

And while in the world of fashion the word “never” does not exist, there are certain criteria that should be restricted in male outfits in most companies. Fashion specialists comment on what garments should be avoided at work and which ones should be replaced in order to look professional and inspire confidence.

1. Avoid small items Shoes should be avoided in the office, even during the summer, experts say. Instead, ideally, wear long pants or ankle lengths. And when the temperature rises, you can opt for cooler fabrics, such as linen or cotton.

Paula Balansky, image consultant for Van Heusen, also advises leaving aside torn, frayed trousers, with prints or striking accessories, which go better in informal events, such as meetings with friends.

“In place of this garment can be worn at work dark jeans, no frills, khaki or any other neutral,” he says. Also, you should avoid that the pants look wrinkled or have incorrect sizes, as they give an impression wrong about the person who carries them.

2. Any type of pole is discarded In a formal work environment, whatever the item, the poles do not usually look good as attire, except for those sober and very good quality, explains Balansky.

On the other hand, Harold Michelsen, Marketing and Public Relations Manager of H & M Chile – Peru, says that a good shirt will always be the garment that best looks in the office.

“It is advisable to have several with the correct cut and neck to choose various combinations and adapt them to several occasions,” he says.

3. Open shoes do not go well It is not advisable for men to wear open shoes or sandals in the office that show their feet, even when the temperature increases. To face the heat, there are other alternatives, explain fashion specialists.

For example, loafers, espadrilles or, even, urban sneakers in a ‘casual friday’, in case the dress code allows it. However, you must make a differentiation with sportswear, which should be completely out of work In day to day. And this includes briefcases, sports watches and other elements far from an office.

“It does not matter if it is an accessory or a garment, if its function is for exercise activities, it is recommended to leave them for such an occasion,” says Michelsen.

4. Hoodies should stay at home Sweatshirts or sweatshirts do not go well with a formal outfit for work. Especially those that have a hood.

On the other hand, sports bags, jackets, closed sweaters or cardigans are appropriate, explains Van Heusen’s image consultant.

“It looks very good to be current, well-groomed, with well-maintained clothes and good clothing,” he adds.

5. Put aside eye-catching accessories Head scarves, hats or caps should be avoided in the office, advises the Marketing Manager of H & M Chile – Peru.

Instead, rescue some important accessories that go well with the work attire, such as watches: “For example, you can use a leather and without logos or bold colors.”

In addition to neckties, Michelsen points out that at work men wear silk scarves, which can be worn on the lapel of the suit or around the neck.

And if an accessory is required to carry things, such as a laptop, an agenda and others, specialists advise leaving aside sports backpacks, especially colorful ones.

In your replacement you can use a handbag or a laptop backpack of one color, without logos or prints, which combines with formal attire.