How To Wear & Take Care of Your Suits

A great leap to leave adolescence and embark on a path to adulthood is to buy your first suit, maybe you are about to buy one or maybe you already have several, but you have always doubted about the care you should have so that always look better, and that is why in StyleMen blog we have made a complete manual of all the questions you have always had, but you did not know how to ask.

10 most common questions that people ask when buying and taking care of one.

1. There is a bag that I like, but there is not in my size, can it be fixed?

Yes it can, but exclusively if it is a single size and long only one centimeter and a half can be adjusted; If more, you run the risk of spoiling the original cut. The length of the sleeves can be adjusted only if the buttonholes of the buttons are closed. Instead we recommend looking for one that is your size or send you to make a suit that fits your body, it is a bit expensive but it is a worthwhile expense.

2. Can I iron my suit? Or, how do I get rid of wrinkles?

Bags should always be taken to the dry cleaners, since homemade steam irons, instead of solving your problem, can enlarge and damage the suit. If you have pants with a very noticeable wrinkle you can iron it, but only with a fabric in between, but this has to be a cotton blanket.

3. What are the most common type of flap?

Frame: It is quite classic and is found in most suits, it can be wider or thinner, depending on the suit and the trend.

Arrowhead or spear: It has the most formal suits, such as tuxedos and crossed suits.

Horseshoe: It is a type of flap that is used more in avant-garde and jovial looks.

4. What is the height at which I must take the bag?

The general rule indicates that they are flush with the bottom of the rear; However, today there are trends, especially in Italian costumes, to wear it a little shorter, one or two centimeters above.

5. And how long should the sleeves be?

The sleeve should not be longer than where the arm ends and the hand begins, half a centimeter shorter than the sleeve of the shirt,

6. How often should I wear a suit to wash?

The least possible, once a year would be indicated. Once used, hang it on a hook and let it sit before putting it in the closet. Remember to hang it on the hook they gave you where you bought it, or on a special one so that it does not lose the shape of the shoulders.

7. How to prevent the suit from brightening?

It is very difficult. Usually with the use the suits tend to do it, even if it is of the best class. It is best not to use it excessively and follow the ironing recommendations.

8. How should I sew a button?

That is a tailor’s job, because they wear a special type of lining that only they know how to deal with. Do not try at home.

9. Is there a way to fix a bag with bubbles on the flap?

It can not. Unfortunately this is a manufacturing defect because they are thermofused garments. These garments do not last long and if you have one like that, just take care that it is not exposed to high temperatures.

10. How can I stain my suit?

Whatever you do do not try to carve it, as this damages the tissue and does not remove the stain. Remove excess liquid very carefully and better take it to the dry cleaner for someone to take care of it.

You see that keeping a suit in better condition is not that difficult. We recommend that you follow these recommendations so that you don’t hurt the investment you made when you bought it.