Male fashion: Good first impression starting with your shoes

From a first date to a job interview, know why the right shoes will help you to boot with the right foot. The male fashion portal offers these tips.

Research shows that on average only seven seconds are enough to create a first impression. Although important, being educated is not necessarily the most influential factor when it comes to presenting yourself successfully. Researchers at the University of Kansas found that about 90% of someone’s personality can be decided just by looking at their shoes.

It is also worth remembering that it is difficult to change an initial evaluation. The first time a person is observed, a primitive part of the brain is activated and identifies it as a “friend” or “enemy”. And studies show that even after meeting someone, this sudden judgment rarely changes.

So, how can we start with the right foot? StylesMen recommends investing in the right shoes, and everything else will come in addition. Below, we show you five situations where you need to make an excellent first impression and some tips on how to achieve it.

For the first appointment. If you are familiar with Tinder, you will know how superficial the love game in this app can be. While your potential appointment can slide your finger to the left to never know it, the other option is to slide to the right (or press on the heart or the cross) to specify what would be a first date. For the occasion, you chose a discreet place. A quiet bar, maybe.

Leave the black Oxford shoes at home and opt for a white leather sneakers, like these from Saint Laurent that look refined with a lovely rubber sole and retro design. The idea is to express a carefree air: “What are these shoes? Oh, it was the first thing I found.” Of course, keep your shoes clean. Complement that discreet look with a classic Lanvin jacket and rolled-up jeans like these Acne.

For the job interview. This is where first impressions count more than ever. Your potential employer has surely read your brilliant CV, but he or she wants to see how you are in person. More importantly, the employer will see how he will arrive dressed, starting with his shoes. And if they are leather, better. The Church’s brand presents this pair of leather Derby shoes to highlight how reliable, decent and indispensable you are for the company.

To meet the parents of his beloved. Do your homework and research a little about your partner’s parents before you meet them. Is your father an ex-military? It is possible that he wants to see his face reflected in the shine of a pair of patent leather shoes. Has your mom become vegan? . If you ignore these details, the atmosphere that could be in that meeting could become boring, at best.

For gala events. Assuming you are not dressing for a wedding (where we would recommend a more serious black Oxford), a formal event like a dance is the appropriate place to let your shoes shine a little. It’s hard not to think of Frank Sinatra when he combines a tuxedo with patent leather loafers, and these of the Tom Ford brand, which understands nighttime elegance better than anyone, do not disappoint us.

Surprisingly similar to ones worn by Sinatra himself, these shoes are the perfect partner for a luxurious velvet tuxedo jacket and wool trousers by Dolce & Gabbana, another brand totally in tune with formal sophistication. It is true that this outfit requires a little investment, but it’s worth it. You will be the best dressed in future formal events.

For the first meeting with a client. When you meet with a potential new collaborator or client, it is expected that this will be the beginning of a long and fruitful working relationship. It is essential that you go with confidence and authority, but also that you feel comfortable and at ease. Chelsea-style ankle boots, like these from the Italian brand Tod’s, offer that elegant and charming feeling you’re looking for.

They also suggest that you are full of energy and are the ideal person to work with. If you want to make a bigger impression, combine those boots with Long Sleeve Pullover V Neck Sweater.