Stylish Men’s Hairstyles – Men Hairstyles Trends of 2024

If you are looking to update your hair and try a more exclusive, modern, or avant-garde style, you have come to the right place! We have compiled a list of the best men’s hairstyles, including the most modern, attractive, and eye-catching styles we could find to give your look a serious upgrade.

Trends in men’s hairstyles

Remember, they all have different textures, lengths, colors and hair styles, so do not be afraid to experiment until you find the perfect look for your particular lifestyle.


Hairstyles with textured strands are very modern for men with curly hair. Normally, wavy and curly hairstyles can be difficult to manage, but the curly fringe seems to work. By adding a short fringe to your appearance, you can show the texture or color of your hair, or help frame your face.


The quiff is still one of the most brilliant men’s hairstyles. It is a relatively high maintenance aspect that requires a good male styling product, but this hairstyle is worth the extra effort.


The false hawk, or fohawk is similar to the Mohawk, but with a more modern appeal. With longer hair in the center of the head and tapered sides, this hairstyle is perfect for men who want a low maintenance hairstyle that is still tense and interesting.


The original hairstyle does not need introduction; although there have been some modern additions to this traditional style. Due to its versatility, men can opt for a long or short hairstyle, allowing greater flexibility with styles such as the smooth back or the pompadour. With a discolored ridge on top, as shown here, there is some kind of cone on the sides and some length on the top, which adds even more character to this look.


The French brand is a twist on classic Cesar style haircut. It is short and comfortable to wear and has a short hair with a straight fringe on the hairline in the front. While the fringe adds a fashionable element to this hairstyle, the short length is very low maintenance and easy to comb in the morning.


The cast is becoming one of the most sought-after men’s hairstyles. The high-fading haircut is a cutting-edge, high contrast cut that starts at the top of the sides and back, while the hair gradually decreases in the neck. However, low fading begins at the edges of the cut and the hairline, just above the ears and neck. You will notice that the narrowing is barely perceptible in some low melts.


Unlike faded hairstyles, the trimmed cut is generally cut all the way through (except in the case of trimmed fade) and starts very high on the sides. As the name suggests, this hairstyle essentially “cuts the cuts” of the hair on top to provide a strong contrast between the longer top and short sides. The most popular version is the slippery rear cut, as shown in the picture.


This hairstyle is often combined with a high fading and a full beard. It is fairly easy to achieve and only requires a good pair of scissors and 3 to 5 inches of hair on top. Do not forget, designing a loose pomp, as shown here, will require a high quality ointment or wax, which will allow you to add height and style.


We know what you’re thinking … this hairstyle is great and we can not agree more! With enough length, any section of your hair can be braided in this unique style. Mixing two styles together, like the pompadour shown here, adds even more advantage to this masculine hairstyle.


This hairstyle is one of our favorites in the list of men’s hairstyles, since it can be mixed with several hairstyles. The hairstyle that is seen on the skin, low on the skin, is combined with a sharp side swept fringe and a short textured hair on the nape of the neck. Joining with a cool beard gives you a more sophisticated look and will make everyone faint.


This top knot hairstyle is shaken by many hipsters and Millennial, but if you have the hair for it, you should definitely try this cut and style. With shaved sides or an original design, the ponytail offers a different style that will surely attract attention and, once again, the possibilities of a fresh design are endless.


This cut is a classic hairstyle that will not disappear soon. Try matching it with faded sides or opt for the slightly longer version to get some extra advantage. It’s never a bad idea to change things and experiment with different ways to “spice up” a common hairstyle.


There are many disconnected men’s hairstyles, but the most popular one is probably the low cut disconnected. This short haircut has a high impact and is elegant and eye-catching. The style in the photo presents shaved sides with a longer length at the top. It also combines well with a beard.


If you think that this hairstyle is no longer fashionable, think again! For those who like a short length, this hairstyle is a trendy look to try. To keep this style fresh, you can try adding a little color by whitening your hair.


This hairstyle has long been linked to power. After all, he was shaken by Julius Caesar himself! To achieve this look, ask your hairdresser to cut your short hair with a small horizontal strip. You can also consider adding a fade for a more updated version of this aspect.


The popularity of this voluminous hairstyle has skyrocketed in recent years. East obviously great hairstyle , which requires an average length of hair at the top, is the easiest way to make the transition from a typical boring type to a full model.


If you’re not the type of player who follows the rules, consider getting an unconventional haircut and rocking this hairstyle. We especially recommend this hairstyle because of how attractive the style is without effort. Ready for that “sexy without trying” or “just out of bed”? Congratulations. With this hairstyle, you have it!


A hairstyle that you can never mistake is Afro, particularly modern adaptation. Cut it out and shape it perfectly and you will have an unbeatable hairstyle.


Whether long and tossed to one side or cut just above the eyebrows, bang cuts play a leading role in many popular hairstyles for men, including the side sweeping look shown here.


For those who consider themselves adventurous men, they will love the playful and, at times, controversial aspect of the asymmetrical hairstyle. This aspect will undoubtedly attract attention and stand out from the crowd.


Yes, the spiky tufts are still fashionable. In fact, they are making a comeback. That said, when it comes to hairstyles, there is an extremely fine line between sexy and worth shuddering. If you’re a fan of the heavy picks of the early 2000s, keep in mind that it’s time for an update. With just a dime-sized amount of any high-quality product, you can keep your hairstyle up-to-date and trendy, both taut and smooth.


Flat decks are very popular with the military, old-school hip-hop bosses and, in general, men who like the hairstyles of imposing men. To achieve this aspect, keep your hair to a maximum height of 3 inches and ask your hairdresser to give you the style you prefer, using the flat hairstyle shown in this photo to inspire.


This is one of the most unique and unique looks among men’s hairstyles. This hairstyle can be easily shaken by men with textured hair who want a bold approach to their appearance. Do not be intimidated! If you have the right texture and are bold enough to try, you’ll love the results!


There is something undeniable that captivates a man with a two-tone hairstyle, especially when a funny color like the one seen here is combined with an incredible haircut. Never be afraid to experiment with color when choosing the hairstyle of your dreams.


The hairstyles of informal men for business are the perfect choice if you are looking for something that is not too luxurious, but not too common. In this photo by Jake Gyllenhaal, you can see the casual business haircut at its best. It is the perfect hairstyle “from day to night” because it is appropriate for a day of work in the office or a night out in the city.


For this look, tell your barber to keep the sides short (1 “). Keep in mind that it is better to cut with a scissors and a comb, and remember to keep something long on top. To comb, apply an ointment while your hair is still wet to add shine and definition. Apply on all the hair with a back and forth movement with both hands (alternating hands from front to back). Finish by pushing the hair slightly to the side. If the final result looks a bit messy and undone, as in this picture of Brad Pitt, do not worry, he did well!


What is unique about this hairstyle is that it is actually a great option for men with curly hair, as it works with its texture instead of against it. Tell your hairdresser to keep it 2-3 “long at the top, and a little long at the back. Make it also allow your hair to fall naturally, slightly over the ear on the sides. To achieve this look, use a cream while your hair is still wet to define those waves and curls. Let your hair air dry, then lightly break the curls with your hand scratching your head at the roots. You want to create some controlled clutter with this look, so choose and choose which curls to undo, leaving some in its natural form.


This popular haircut for men is similar to a cut Ivy League, except that the back is cut to the end of the crown with the increase in length, from one to three inches on the front of the head. The bangs can be worn down, separated in the middle or brushed sideways. No matter how you design it, this is a hairstyle that ladies love.


The hairstyles of short and elegant men are both elegant and intelligent. They adapt perfectly to contemporary men who want a clean and tidy look that they can use to work. This charming style is professional and sexy, and can be achieved with any high quality product.


For men who want a hairstyle that is both modern and masculine, try this cool style with a short textured upper. For style, keep approximately 2 inches maximum and tell your barber the exact length you want.


This is probably the most original and avant-garde hairstyle on our list, so we keep it as one of the last. Men with longer hair will love this up-sweeping Mohawk hairstyle, especially because it has a more natural vertical shape instead of using a ton of gel to keep it in place, just like a traditional Mohawk hairstyle. This aspect has dimension because it is long in the upper part, medium in the middle and super short in the lower part. To top it off, it is safe to get attention. But seriously … could this hairstyle be cooler? We think not!


The biggest advantage of the French harvest is its flexibility. It works well with most face shapes and hair types. Ask your barber clip or cut the sides according to the type of texture you want. If you want more volume and texture, be sure to ask that the hair on the top is cut. This creates an irregular appearance, and is ideal for losing weight if you have thick hair. Remember, the length of the French harvest may vary, so be sure to bring an example, such as the one shown here, so that your barber can estimate the length of the sides and back.


Attenuation can be added to any hairstyle and works for all hair types. It’s a great way to add a modern update to a classic hairstyle, adding a clean cut edge to a short look or tame thick or curly hair. This hairstyle gets its name from the way in which the fade descends behind the ear. The advantage of a melt drop over a high melt is to keep the long hair around the crown, where the hair tends to protrude.The hairstyles of men with discolored cuts also cover the occipital bone that stands out at the back of the head. The exact angle of the cast fade will depend on your hairline, the location of your crown and whether the fade is low or medium high.