Styles for Men Men’s Fashion Tips And Style Guide Thu, 05 Mar 2020 03:18:29 +0000 en-US hourly 1 What are the best men’s perfumes according to women Thu, 05 Mar 2020 03:16:34 +0000 Choosing a fragrance is a very personal thing, but men love to earn female praise. We tell you what to choose to take all the applause.

The aroma of each body expresses much about the person. It is a great cover letter (for better or worse) that communicates personal habits and qualities to others. That is why it is worth learning a little about fragrances recommended for each skin and about the latest trends in each season. To get into the subject, we tell you what are the best perfumes for men according to women .

The best men’s perfumes according to women

There are many fragrances and it is impossible to keep up with the amount of perfumes and varieties launched by brands. National, international, economical, luxury, for day or night, which combine better according to whether it is hot or cold … The options are endless.Being such a personal issue, objectively identifying the best perfume is a titanic task. However, in this selection we suggest which perfumes women prefer in men.

1. Dior Sauvage by Christian Dior

This perfume drives women crazy. If what you want is to leave a good impression anywhere, this is the fragrance for you. This is a classic for which you will receive many compliments regardless of the occasion. The right fragrance for when you want to go safe.

2. Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Eau de Parfum by Ralph Lauren

This colony works throughout the year and every time you want to leave a good impression. Its intensity finds a perfect balance with its soft and sweet aromas. The contrast generates a distinctive masculine aroma.

3. One Million by Paco Rabanne

This colony stands alone. It is one of the most popular: those who use it love how the aroma of roses combines with cinnamon and leather. This sophisticated aroma works well at any time of the year.

4. Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier

Men’s Fitness magazine listed it as a guarantee to please women regardless of age. This masculine fragrance has a contrast between warmth and masculinity, which will make you stand out among all men. It was released in the 90s but it is still the perfume of a winner.

5. Ck One by Calvin Klein

While it is a unisex fragrance, it is one of the favorites of women and the most sold in history. This perfume has a subtle aroma that can be used in any situation. The right point of sophistication and courage.

6. Eros of Versace

This fragrance of man gives off manhood. It is vibrant, sexy and great for any event. It has a clean and perfectly balanced aroma. Both its bottle and its aroma have the touch of Italian elegance ideal for any moment.

7. Aqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani

If you ever wondered which colony makes women love you, it is this one. It has that aroma that makes everyone turn to look at you. With a mixture of citrus and sweets, it is from the aquatic olfactory family and perfect for those who want to be above the crowd.

8. The One by Dolce & Gabbana

With a unique and memorable tone, this fragrance lasts for a long time on the skin. While it is not cheap, the price is worth it. Its aroma is friendly and will make others feel as if they had already met you before. Ideal for women to come into trust.

9. Aventus Creed for men

It was designed for the hot seasons and every year has more followers. It is an expensive perfume but as recommended as the impact on the perception of women. It usually arouses sighs immediately with its fruit notes combined exquisitely.

10. Starwalker of Mont Blanc

Very versatile and unlike the previous one is an accessible perfume. It is often said that it is a Creed clone but it is important to keep in mind that, in the price-quality ratio, or from the female point of view, price-reaction its essentially citrus aroma also generates an enduring impression.

How to choose perfumes for men

The aromas evoke situations, memories, people and places. When we choose a perfume we have to take into account what effect we want to generate on others. Most people keep the essences in their memory and associate them with the person who uses them.It seems simple but to choose a perfume it is important to consider the type of skin, personal tastes, if the person has an allergy and several other issues. Keep in mind that fragrances that are very pleasant for some people can be annoying for others. That is why it is essential not to buy in a hurry and know some keys to find the right perfume.

How to choose your ideal perfume

A fact that few know is that the same perfume can cause a different response in each type of skin: an essence can give off more or less intensity depending on the body. Similarly, fragrances can last more or less time depending on who uses them.For all this, sometimes it is trial and error. It is not easy to discover which fragrance best suits each of us, but there are some keys that you can keep in mind when choosing a perfume.

  • That please and identify : the most important of all is that the scent likes the person who uses it, because it is who will carry it all the time. It is very difficult to feel represented by something we do not like. The ideal perfume is what makes those who use it feel comfortable and safe.
  • The difference between cologne or perfume : buying a cologne is not the same as a perfume. The colony only contains a 6 percent aromatic concentration. This means that it lasts less time on our skin and, if we want it to last, we will have to apply the product several times during the day. In contrast, the perfume has a much higher aromatic concentration , which is usually between 20 and 30 percent. This makes the fragrance of a perfume can last on our skin for up to eight hours, something ideal if we have a party or special event.
  • The type of skin: if you have oily skin, it is best to look for a soft, light and discreet aroma. If, on the other hand, your skin is dry, be careful because it absorbs the fragrance faster and you will have to reinforce it several times a day. It is best that you buy a perfume and not a cologne. In case you have sensitive skin, take special care when using any type of perfume because you can develop consequences such as irritation or inflammation.
  • The mood: perfumes and colognes allow to express personality and mood. It is an excellent cover letter so it is best to have two or three fragrances for each moment or situation. Many people have an aroma for day to day and another for the weekend or for an important event, when they resort to a more exclusive or expensive perfume.

A fragrance dresses us the same way a good shirt does. Just as wearing inappropriate clothing can make a bad impression, choosing a bad perfume can be fatal. We tell you which are the most preferred.

Best-selling men’s perfumes

How long have you not changed perfume? Men usually choose a perfume and keep it for a long time. However, every year a huge amount of fragrances goes on the market and this year was no exception. We put together a selection of the best-selling male perfumes in 2020 to encourage you to try.See perfumes for men in Mercado Libre

  • Mont Blanc Explorer : It is a launch last year that promises to continue gaining more followers in this 2020. As its name suggests it is a perfume for adventurous men. Its aromas are marked by patchouli from the east, bergamot from Italy and vetiver, a characteristic root of Haiti. The trip is the essence of this perfume that along with the wanderlust has more and more followers.
  • Channel Bleu : Ten years ago the well-known perfume house created this fragrance that mixes citrus with mint, nutmeg with ginger, cedar with patchouli, all in perfect harmony. Highly recommended.
  • Pure XS by Paco Rabanne : A great perfume of Paco Rabanne with oriental style, gives off touches of ginger and vanilla. A best seller of the house that every year surprises with its perfumes.
  • Only Loewe de Loewe : although it is a simple fragrance, it is not a basic aroma. The reissue of Solo de Loewe attracts attention for its design and that eternal aroma. With ingredients such as lime, thyme or rosemary, it gives an absolute Mediterranean touch.
  • Boss Bottled Tonic by Hugo Boss : the brand decided to give the classic Boss Bottled a twist. To do this, he decided to incorporate ginger into the aromatic starting lineup, which gives him strength and vigor.
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How to be More Attractive: Keys of an Elegant Man Wed, 04 Mar 2020 05:25:09 +0000 Choosing fashionable clothes for men is difficult if we do not define before what style we want to wear and how to combine the new with our wardrobe. Keys and secrets of a good masculine look.

Times change and the image has gained importance in men without background. But, to dress well and be fashionable , we must know how to choose, learn to combine and know the tricks to be more elegant or more cool.
The fundamental thing in men’s clothing is to forget about everything. Facing the question, how to be more attractive , it is worth listening to the secrets of the experts and understanding the keys to having a modern and modern look.
First of all, it is important to know that the better you feel with the clothes you are wearing, the more confidence you will have in yourself and the more opportunities you will open in your personal and professional life.

How to be more attractive

The first step that we must be clear in order to dress well is to consider our body type: one does not dress the same if he is tall or short, fat or thin, or young or older.
Then, secondly, the lifestyle and type of work must be well evaluated. If you have a position with responsibility, leadership and authority in a traditional place, the image should reflect that role. If your profile is more informal, a young and cool style is surely your best cover letter.

Fashion clothes for men according to age

It is not as rigid as before, but there are limits. As we turn years, it is essential to know that there are things that are better left in the closet. Especially in the case of some shirts and shirts with prints, or some designs of pants. The same with the accessories: the ridiculous does not come back (or so they say).

Trendy, but not so much

It is nice to be fashionable, but each body has its peculiarities and some things that are used do not suit everyone. Some shades or notched cuts, or certain fabrics, it is better to set aside if we have extra kilos. It is not because of the “what will they say” but to get the best out of your wardrobe.
It is important to be in tune with fashion colors and seasonal looks, but do not strive to always bring the latest of the latest. It is better to bet on insurance than to end up buying clothes that we will use little and nothing.

Light tones appear more volume

Whether we like our figure or not, there is a law that has been in force for centuries: the more clarity in the dress, the greater the volume in appearance. This is the reason, one more, for the tall and skinny, have an advantage, or in other words, more options when dressing. Don’t despair, there is always a solution.
Not everyone notices this and it is not even easy to see it with the advice at hand. An obvious solution is to switch to dark tones. But if the dress-code is to use light tones: you can combine slim cuts in the jacket and regular or reverse pants.
Just do not make a monochromatic and boring combination. In general, it does not fit. Ideally, mix things a little and make the colors contrast.

Vary according to the occasion

It’s fun to change the clothes we choose from time to time. Each occasion requires a different type of garment. One rule says that looking formal all day is bad, and seeing you informal all day, too. Remember that extremes are never good, so an intermediate style is never lacking in elegance.
In any context, there are four classics that always solve: a white shirt, a jacket, classic pants and an informal suit. Having that combo you will get out of trouble in any circumstance that does not require excessive formality.

Eye with leather and skins

It is a must in jackets, pants and long covers, and also intervened with other genres. This season, for the Argentine men they send the jackets with appliques, studs and embroidery and, to a lesser extent, the pants. The excesses are not good: it is important to evaluate well in what situations to use them and how to combine them.
The same goes for skins. The big brands made them protagonists in the coats of their latest collection: short, long covers and jackets, appliques on sleeve-necks and details on accessories. They look good but only in some cases. Think about it according to each body, each age and each occasion.

The footwear is basic

Many men do not give footwear the value it really has. If you never dared to invest in a good shoe, it’s time to do it. It is key to have at least two options for different looks: comfortable and sporty shoes and good dress shoes (they cost a little more, but you will use them for years.
Something else: your belt and shoes should combine. If you have light or extravagant colors, think twice or leave those shades for sports shoes.

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Best Brands of Men’s Watches: A Stylish Accessory Tue, 03 Mar 2020 17:52:26 +0000 A good watch can turn a classic outfit into one full of style and sophistication. Keys to choose the best option. Brands, models and much more.

The watch is a symbol of undisputed elegance: it projects the character and style of a man, as well as being an excellent complement to the costumes. When choosing, it is essential to consider the personality of who will use it, in addition to their habits. I went through some good options and models of the best watch brands .

As never before, a good watch has become fundamental in the masculine look, and has become an accessory that men change according to the occasion, adapting the style to each outfit and time of day.

Men’s watches are large and resistant and there are many different options: from sports models with seconds and stopwatch and the new smartwatch to executive models, more sober and elegant, there is much to go.

Watch brands for men

One of the first issues that we must address when buying a watch is the brand. There are some firms that alone send sophistication and guarantee a few years of duration. We tell you what are the best brands of men’s watches.


Without a doubt, Rolex is the first on this list. While it is a classic, it is still an excellent choice for those who want an imposing watch. The key to the success of this brand is that it works as a status symbol and is of very high quality. For example, all its models are resistant to dust, water, are made of stainless steel and make the date change automatically.

However, they are very expensive pieces and it is not easy to access them. The counterpart of quality and efficiency is a very high price. Therefore, although it is the best brand in the world, most people prefer to opt for other more accessible brands. You can see Rolex options in Mercado Libre .


This is the house that invented the wristwatch, so it is impossible not to mention it. While it may sound feminine, this watch brand has beautiful models for men, which stand out primarily for their design quality. A Cartier watch represents luxury, elegance and fine engineering.

They have some super innovative models and play a lot with unconventional forms. As in the case of Rolex, it is an expensive option, but it makes sightings of watch fans worldwide.

Tag Heuer

In a medium price range, we can find Tag Heuer. They cost less than the previous ones but we keep talking about the best watches in the world . This company is Swiss and, true to its fame, manufactures high quality models, with unmatched precision.

Although they are still a luxury piece, the firm’s models are sporty and have very accurate timers. They are very resistant and that is why they are chosen by urban, modern and original men.


Hublot manufactures one of the best watches for men and is considered one of the leading companies in the field. Like Tag, it falls into the category of high-quality Swiss watch brands .

It is a relatively new house, but its pieces have a great manufacturing. Aesthetics are thought to detail and are intended to impose a style.


Tissot was born as an innovative brand and, little by little, gained ground in the market thanks to its price-quality ratio. Most of its models are manufactured with first-line materials, such as stainless steel, titanium, gold and even PDV coating, something very new in the field.

In addition to the originality in the design, this brand is a guarantee of accuracy and, therefore, is responsible for timing the NBA, the Tour de France, the World Superbike Championship, the European Rugby Champions Cup and the Challenge Hockey Cup on Ice, among other internationally renowned competitions.


If what we want is an excellent alternative for a reasonable price, Casio is our savior. They may not have a fascinating design, but they are high quality products. In addition, his classic model today is a retro hit, which all influencers boast of having.

The Japanese brand stands out because its pieces are extremely resistant: the battery lasts for months and, in its digital clocks, you can see the time under the sun perfectly.


The Japanese company Seiko is characterized by offering completely authentic oriental manufacturing parts. The good thing about this brand is that it offers models in all price ranges, so we can find very exclusive and more accessible options, with the same engineering quality.

Seiko is very popular and this is because no one doubts the resistance to shock and water that these watches have. In addition, these are automatic models with date.


Things do not have to be expensive to be good and Swatch is the perfect example of this premise. Originally, these watches were made of plastic, with fun designs, but then the brand expanded its offer and today has very nice digital, automatic and metal models. They are cheaper to produce by their automatic assembly process and, therefore, are sold at a very reasonable price.


Fossil is an American watch and lifestyle company, creative and aimed at classic and vintage design. It offers high quality watches at a good price. Their designs are innovative and it is a brand that is also strong among smart watches.

Types of men’s watches

In addition to the brand, we have to consider what style of watch is aligned with the person who will use it. In general, wristwatches are divided into:

  • Classic watches:  traditional watches are the most elegant and are perfect to combine with fine clothes. Most are analog with quadrants in neutral colors and metal box. It is usual for them to have a metal bracelet or leather strap. Some models include sophisticated or novel details such as double dial, calendar, among others.
  • Sports watches :  men die from this type of watches, because they are comfortable and very cool. They are usually made of ultra rigid crystals, can be submerged and withstand great pressure and shock thanks to their robust boxes. The straps can be rubber to tolerate the effects of water, but there are also metal models. Many of them have rotating frame and stopwatches, since they were originally intended as an instrument panel for athletes.
  • Military watches: they look sporty but have a very defined aesthetic. These are models initially designed for military use, so they have a box and a very resistant glass, which shows the information in a clear and unmistakable way.
  • Space clocks:  as the name implies, they are clocks that were intended for astronauts and were all the rage between the sixties and eighties. These clocks incorporated the way to visualize the time in 24-hour intervals instead of 12. In addition, they work without problem in zero gravity, a quality that we will never need while we have our feet on the ground.
  • Technological clocks:  we did not want to leave out this new status symbol. They are the watches that have altimeter, barometer and compass. They provide data with precision and are very impressive.
  • Skeleton watches:  they are nothing more than analog clocks with the “skeleton” outside. That means they show their operating mechanism. They are very attractive and in general they are expensive models, so they are a status symbol.
  • Trendy watches:  these types of watches are not for life but they try to take advantage of a trend. They are very common in haute couture houses that do not specialize in watches.
  • Smartwatch : a smartwatch is a smart watch that performs much broader functions than telling time. Run applications, monitor our health, about notifications of the most diverse, send emails and WhatsApp messages, search for information on the Internet, work as a GPS, allow us to connect to social networks and, with the most modern, you can even pay on the supermarket without taking out the wallet. Find out which is the best smartwatch in the market.
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The Best Brands in Men’s Watches Tue, 03 Mar 2020 06:02:08 +0000 Today we decided to give you a review of the world of men’s watches , since it is the ideal accessory that can not be missing in your closet and, well, because it becomes the essential gift that most kids like to receive
A good watch is the perfect complement that helps set a good style, as it can account for our personality. They have their origin in hand watches, but today, wristwatches are the most popular because they adapt in a much more formal way to the current pace of life of people.
The watches have an infinite variety of materials with which they can be made, the best ones are titanium, rubber, silver or steel, as they are one of the most common. Of course, each of them varies in price because we find great differences depending on whether we are looking for watches that are branded or not.
That is why if you are looking to make a gift with a cheap watch, but of good quality, we recommend brands such as Citizen, Marea or Casio. However, if you are looking to raise the mood of the gentleman to whom you want to give something at special event and do not care about the price you spend on it, you should look for a Bulova, Cartier, Maurice Lacroix or Marc Ecko watch .

If you still do not know which to choose, do not worry, because then we will leave you a list with the best brands of men’s watches that are of excellent quality, material and elegance that will leave you really surprised.

Trend in watches for men 2020:

Lotus Code watches

The best thing about the Lotus Code is that they have a wide variety of models , colors, materials, straps and styles that will go better with you anywhere. They are modern with style and very comfortable. Look at the wide variety of designs they have for you.

Lotus Sport men’s sports watches

Boys don’t just care about elegance, because it’s not the only time in their life when they need a good watch. Sportsmen or those who are much more casual will appreciate a gift like this , it is essential for any time of day.

Armani watches for men

If what you are looking for is an elegant and fine watch, on the Armani website you can find the one you are looking for, as it is one of the highest quality brands that you can find in a very long time.

Festina watches for men

The wide variety of Festina watches will leave you surprised , you will not be able to wait to buy one of its elegant and beautiful models when you see them on the website of this store.

Casio men’s watches

As we had already mentioned, Casio watches are not only cheap, but an excellent alternative to give a good gift to a gentleman or for yourself. They are of high quality and good price, they have very beautiful, elegant and casual models that you will love at any time of the day.

Cartier watches for men

If you are looking for luxury, Cartier watches for men are ideal for you , because their creations are authentic jewels. They have diamonds, gold and everything you want to look high class wherever you are.

Massimo Dutti watches for men

This brand gives you the best models of men’s casual watches. They are ideal to have much more style at the time of an appointment or a meeting not so important.

Marea watches for men

This brand bears the style and takes elegance to other levels. You can find different models with lots of colors that you will love at any time of the day.

Breil men’s watches

If you are a casual man who does not call much attention to be too elegant regardless of the occasion, a Breil watch is ideal for you , because its models adapt to your lifestyle and provide the ethyl and the look with which you You have always felt very comfortable.
The wide variety of materials with which it is made is very wide, so its quality is one of the best in the market.

Citizen men’s watches

We should thank the world that there are Citizen brand watches, because their wide variety of models are ideal for any occasion. Its creators bring us casual, sporty, elegant and many more models that will undoubtedly adapt to our pace of life.
Best of all is its price, as they are one of the cheapest in the market, however, its quality is as good as any diamond watch.
Now it’s your turn to choose which watch you prefer to stay with. Remember that each of them are completely different, so when choosing, take into account the characteristics of your personality or the personality of the person to whom you are going to give it away.

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Clothing Combinations: Stylish Men Tue, 03 Mar 2020 04:59:52 +0000 Putting together good teams you can add style and personality to your look. Keys to combine clothes and explore new options for men’s fashion.

The variety of styles, colors and shapes of men’s garments is increasingly wide. But it is not necessary to renew the wardrobe all the time to look flawless and renew the look. The key is to make good combinations of clothes: men and women can try alternatives with an unprecedented freedom. Do not miss these tips and encourage surprise.

Combine clothes: Well dressed man

There are endless options and styles of men’s clothing and each one represents in a certain way the personality of the person who wears it. But beyond designs and prints, when it comes to combining clothes, colors will be decisive.

Urban look

The urban look is very wide and varies greatly according to styles and ages. If you are one of those who choose a casual dress without sacrificing a certain style, the ideal is to wear beige, gray, mustard and embroidered garments. They are colors that combine and can be exchanged at ease without the risk of errors.

You can even give it a more formal touch by opting for an elegant sport look , complementing it with a dress bag. It is a garment that, combined with more informal ones, helps to achieve a more de contracted and original style.

If, on the other hand, you want to go for something more informal, the shirts are your thing. A good cloth, a nice tome and a jean and there is not much else to add.

Classic look for the modern man

Ideal to go for a walk on a weekend or to go for a drink, the classic look never fails for leisure time and to feel comfortable in work meetings. You can wear a jean and combine it with a shirt in white, gray and blue tones.

You can also wear a white cotton T-shirt, dark jeans, a navy blue jacket and brown borcegos. Nothing better than to give a touch more to the look with a belt to match the borcegos and glasses with style.

Another good option is the shoes to wear with jeans. Converse, classic VANS or comfortable Nike Stefan Janoski are ideal to complete this style.

Look with a striking touch

If you want to get out of the classic and want to try another style, you can choose one of these three colors: orange, water green or navy blue. The garments of a basic look in shades such as white or beige serve as the basis to enhance any of these three colors and give more life to your outfit.
A clarification: it is not convenient to combine these three colors at the same time: use one at a time. All in perspective.

Versatile look

If you are one of those who like to dress well without spending too much time, you can think outfits with some basics that allow you to improvise an “express” look that is always good.
Both to go to the office and to face an after office, beige, brown brown, embroidered (similar to a red wine) and olive green are four colors that will make you look great on any occasion. If you also add to your look a jacket or jean shirt, you will be able to add a lot of wave.

Vintage look

If you want to achieve a special look and classic, we recommend you go the way of the vintage. There are very varied and beautiful options to combine. The prints in green and brown tones, along with white and beige, are perfect for this style.
You can opt for a basic white shirt and a button-printed sweater, whose fabric highlights trendy colors such as emerald green, navy blue or beige. Anything else? Do not forget to accompany this look with a pair of glasses.

Look with a lot of style: mustard color

If you consider yourself a daring and risky person when dressing, mustard yellow is a great color for you to consider. This tone gives a modern touch to your look and can be combined very well with gray, black or white, that is, with neutral colors.
You can wear mustard in pants, a scarf, a wool hat in winter, a sweater or a shirt in summer. At first you may feel that the mustard dislodges, but it has become a must have of the masculine look. It looks very elegant.

Romantic look

Colors such as pink or pastel tones are not exclusive to women’s clothing. Men can also wear them with a lot of glamor by combining, for example, a light pink with navy or light gray.
The romantic style allows you to wear more classic clothes such as sacks, shirts and pants, to which the pastel color palette brings originality.
A white shirt, a beige jacket and a jean are not the same as a pink shirt, a blue jacket and gray pants. Clearly the second option has more style even though it is also about wearing classic clothes.

Elegant look

Light blue, navy blue, brown, beige and even red are perfect colors when choosing the combination for a formal and casual look at the same time. You can add a touch of certain formality with a dark brown belt and a tie with a print in the range of colors that we mentioned a few lines above.

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Trends: Haircuts for Men 2020 Mon, 02 Mar 2020 17:43:42 +0000 Short on the sides, straight or with curlers, we tell you what are the types of haircuts that will be all the rage this season and which one goes best with each type of face. 

Hair care is up to all of us and knowing which hairstyle best suits our style can be complicated. But much more difficult is keeping up with trends because they change constantly, like everything in the world of fashion. To guide you and set the course, we put together a compilation of the best haircuts for men 2020 .

It doesn’t matter if you have round cheeks, angled jaw or prominent nose: there is a perfect look for you. It’s all about cheering up and making a good change.

Haircuts for fashionable men

The way we comb or cut our hair says a lot about our personality. If we are neat, we will give a sign of responsibility and seriousness. On the other hand, if we let ourselves be and we get disheveled everywhere, it is likely that others will interpret a certain disinterest on our part. We give you some ideas so that you get a look that highlights the best of your personality.

Types of haircuts

The number of styles to explore is multiplied day by day. We tell you the trends for  haircuts for men 2020.

Men’s straight haircuts

If you have straight and manageable hair but want some volume, these are the best options for you.

  • Fade or gradient: it is a degraded style on the sides of the head. It means that the upper part remains dense and, on the sides, the hair is reduced progressively, leaving a melting effect.
  • Undercut: this look is a trend and also consists of leaving a greater amount of hair on the top of the head than on the sides. The difference with the gradient is that the sides remain short but uniform. It is perfect for men with square faces.
  • Stripe to the side: the stripe to the side is a classic and will remain in fashion this season. It is a good alternative for less adventurous men.

Haircut with machine

The hair clipper is undoubtedly the best ally of the masculine look. Having one at home facilitates many trips to the hairdresser and saves us the work of thinking what style to wear. Some ideas to keep us cool using a razor.

  • Buzz: the name may not sound to you in English, but it’s about using very short but even hair. If you don’t like wasting a lot of time, this is your hairstyle. It is perfect for men who have clear or large eyes, as it enhances male factions.
  • Flush: it is the favorite option for men with tickets, as it is very favorable. Bringing the hair flush is very fashionable, it is very sexy and it is the logical way out of a problem that, at some point, you were going to have to face. Combining this style with a well-groomed beard can make you earn more than a sigh.

Haircuts with lines

The haircuts of soccer players set a trend for years. They were precisely those who popularized haircuts with lines, gradients, combined and even with super play coloration. His looks:

  • Marked gradient : we can make a degraded style but with personality. Instead of progressively decreasing the amount of hair, we can do it markedly, creating the linear effect. Super and fashionable.
  • Reasons: Another option is to draw some motifs such as stripes, stars or Celtic designs. In addition, we can do it leaving the upper part of the head bushy or take it well flush. There are no restrictions.

Haircuts for men with curlers

If your genetics wanted you to wear curls, you don’t have to worry. The curlers are very masculine and extremely attractive. In addition to freeing our waves, we can experience certain looks.

  • Man-bun:  it is a “male” impeller. It is a super recommended style if we wear long hair and want to pick it up so that it does not bother us while we do our daily activities. It is super trendy.
  • Largo: Why hide something as cute as curlers? Wearing long hair and letting our hair look completely natural is an excellent alternative. We can take them to one side or back if they bother us.
  • Curly Undercut:  Like the traditional undercut style, it consists of wearing the sides much shorter than the top of the head. Grace in this case will be given by your curlers.

Haircuts for men according to their face

Not all faces are the same and some are more favored than others by different trends. However, we can all adapt to fashion according to our face.

Men with an oval face

If you have an oval face you will not have a problem with almost no hair. Try not to leave too much bangs so that your face does not look more oval than it really is.

Ideally, a hairstyle up or to the side, clearing the forehead. The undercut is an excellent option for those who have a round face.

Round face men

When we have a rounded face and we want to refine it, it is best to hide the shape with a hairstyle. The cuts that fulfill this function very well are those that are neither too short nor too long, such as a mane with bangs. To achieve balance we must concentrate most of the volume in the upper part of the head, to appear a more elongated face.

Men with square faces

If your face is angled, you should bet on the volume and choose a bushy hairstyle in the central part of the head. The undercut could be a good option, although it is not the only one. You can also try a spiky style , which is very short on the sides and somewhat longer above but disheveled.

Men with a heart-shaped face

For this type of face it is best to create volume in the area of ​​the forehead and ears. This results in a better dissimulation of the difference in size between the forehead and the jaw. Letting the bangs fall on the forehead and avoiding short hair is very convenient so as not to overdo the features.

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Men’s Fashion Trends to be carried out in 2020 Mon, 02 Mar 2020 17:28:26 +0000 As never before, boys have surrendered to the culture of the image and know that looking good is no longer just a girl thing. In working life and in many personal spheres, feeling happy with the “photo” that the mirror returns does well for self-esteem and is an excellent cover letter. In order not to stay outside or to look year the man of the house, we tell you what is used in men’s clothing and the keys of men’s fashion for this season.

The first thing we should know is that, in general, men wear fashion differently. Very hard to be bothered to wear something that is worn, something that women are capable of doing. But most attend and take care of what they wear  and have a good time in front of the mirror for more look “I put what I found” that aims to show the world. The good thing is that everything is worth it: suits, shirts, covers, bags, varied cuts, colors of the most diverse … Many options to enjoy and feel good.

Keys to men’s fashion

“When you dress amazing, you feel fantastic. And when you feel fantastic, you can change the world, ”says Marcel Floruss, one of the most famous influences of men’s fashion, and some of that there is. Finding the ideal clothes for everyone is the starting point for nothing to fail by satisfying the desire to dress well.

According to the great designers, in men’s fashion there is a must: the man wants to feel comfortable and look good . Few lend themselves to large “productions” when it comes to combine clothing and accessories with too much care. In men’s clothing, simple always becomes an ideal option.


In addition, there is good news: the return to simplicity, normality and functionality set the tone for men’s fashion on the catwalks of the world. The return to the basics is imposed as a trend and the garments that provide a lot of practicality and functionality go very well in the fall winter 2019 season .

Men’s clothing: latest trends

Diversity is a sign of the era and today there are many trends that we find in men’s fashion . One of the ones that stomps is retro pop , where vintage garments with prints and strong colors appear. We will also see a lot of what they call a “neutral look ,  where earthy colors and comfortable clothes such as wide pants and loose shirts are protagonists.

The sports look or “athletic” also advances in men’s fashion , very popular with men and women. Born in the United States, more precisely in California, it is a concept that fuses two worlds: athletic (athletic) and casual (leisure). What it is, precisely, is to combine the casual style with the sport and is the direction that the fashion industry is going. We will see it a lot especially in footwear: the look with slippers is here to stay.

The objective of “sporty chic” is, precisely, to add comfort and wave to clothes and footwear, achieving a relaxed look but without losing style. It is an ideal option to be well dressed without resigning comfort. In general, the clothes and footwear that are part of this trend are very comfortable, with lightweight fabrics and designs that allow a lot of flexibility.

Trendy colors in the spring summer season

  • Basic brown : the palette of earth tones is imposed, which extends from the camel to the chocolate brown to combine with each other or with other colors.
  • Sophisticated green : the greenish nuances, ranging from the intensity of the bottle to the sobriety of the moss, will look a lot this season. Military coats are still in force.
  • Mustard yellow : it is one of the riskiest colors of this season. It looks great in a look that mixes it with khakis and earth tones.
  • Orange fire : it is one of the undisputed colors of this summer. We will see it in different garments, textures and accessories.

The infallible of the male wardrobe

We tell you what you can not miss when thinking about the basics of men’s clothing.

White shirt

It is a basic that must be in everyone’s closet. Combine with everything from blazers and jeans to shorts. Most men have 2 or 3 white cotton shirts to make the most of them in any casual event, outdoor days, work, an outing and much more. They always serve.


We all have a pair of jeans in the closet, but they never exceed because they are one of the most used clothes. Almost any garment combines with a jean and allows us to be fine in any casual situation. Vary in tones and cuts or designs is ideal.


It is a garment for all occasions, both formal and informal, and fits well with jean and dress pants. A blue, gray, bordo stick with everything and can be used on super varied occasions.


This garment is perfect for use with jeans or dress pants, as it works well for formal or casual situations. In blue or gray they go with everything and many designs are usually very comfortable.


There are men who use them daily, to work, and who reserve them for special occasions. But a suit must always be had. It is used with a classic cut, two buttons, and can be worn with a tie or bow tie, according to the occasion. Eye: it is accompanied with plain patent leather or Oxford shoes. The colors that don’t fail are black or midnight blue. If the use is diurnal, ideally dark gray or blue tones.


Short or long sleeve, with neck or without neck, polo type or more modern, they always come in handy and, not being so expensive, we can afford to vary.


It is a fundamental piece, which most men love. According to the designers, it is an accessory in which it is worth investing since it reflects one hundred percent the personality of the man.


This is another important accessory in the male wardrobe. Fans like to have varied designs: some for the daily hustle, others for special occasions and a good sports pair for the weekends.


A good fragrance highlights character and masculinity. Without a doubt, the perfume gives the final touch to any outfit and defines an unforgettable personality.

Cowboy shirt

Denim is a fabric that combines practically with everything. It is convenient to choose it in a medium tone and without too much washing. It is a garment with which you will get the perfect balance between the formality of a shirt and the informality of the fabric and the cut. If we follow the British dictates, it will be slim, but that is at the expense of each use and the type of body.

Black pants

The English modes lifted the narrow pants to the podium of the cool, and today the narrow pants are trendy, in all colors. Anyway, for those who have a few extra pounds, the best option is black or dark blue.

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How To Wear & Take Care of Your Suits Wed, 19 Feb 2020 15:57:49 +0000 A great leap to leave adolescence and embark on a path to adulthood is to buy your first suit, maybe you are about to buy one or maybe you already have several, but you have always doubted about the care you should have so that always look better, and that is why in StyleMen blog we have made a complete manual of all the questions you have always had, but you did not know how to ask.

10 most common questions that people ask when buying and taking care of one.

1. There is a bag that I like, but there is not in my size, can it be fixed?

Yes it can, but exclusively if it is a single size and long only one centimeter and a half can be adjusted; If more, you run the risk of spoiling the original cut. The length of the sleeves can be adjusted only if the buttonholes of the buttons are closed. Instead we recommend looking for one that is your size or send you to make a suit that fits your body, it is a bit expensive but it is a worthwhile expense.

2. Can I iron my suit? Or, how do I get rid of wrinkles?

Bags should always be taken to the dry cleaners, since homemade steam irons, instead of solving your problem, can enlarge and damage the suit. If you have pants with a very noticeable wrinkle you can iron it, but only with a fabric in between, but this has to be a cotton blanket.

3. What are the most common type of flap?

Frame: It is quite classic and is found in most suits, it can be wider or thinner, depending on the suit and the trend.

Arrowhead or spear: It has the most formal suits, such as tuxedos and crossed suits.

Horseshoe: It is a type of flap that is used more in avant-garde and jovial looks.

4. What is the height at which I must take the bag?

The general rule indicates that they are flush with the bottom of the rear; However, today there are trends, especially in Italian costumes, to wear it a little shorter, one or two centimeters above.

5. And how long should the sleeves be?

The sleeve should not be longer than where the arm ends and the hand begins, half a centimeter shorter than the sleeve of the shirt,

6. How often should I wear a suit to wash?

The least possible, once a year would be indicated. Once used, hang it on a hook and let it sit before putting it in the closet. Remember to hang it on the hook they gave you where you bought it, or on a special one so that it does not lose the shape of the shoulders.

7. How to prevent the suit from brightening?

It is very difficult. Usually with the use the suits tend to do it, even if it is of the best class. It is best not to use it excessively and follow the ironing recommendations.

8. How should I sew a button?

That is a tailor’s job, because they wear a special type of lining that only they know how to deal with. Do not try at home.

9. Is there a way to fix a bag with bubbles on the flap?

It can not. Unfortunately this is a manufacturing defect because they are thermofused garments. These garments do not last long and if you have one like that, just take care that it is not exposed to high temperatures.

10. How can I stain my suit?

Whatever you do do not try to carve it, as this damages the tissue and does not remove the stain. Remove excess liquid very carefully and better take it to the dry cleaner for someone to take care of it.

You see that keeping a suit in better condition is not that difficult. We recommend that you follow these recommendations so that you don’t hurt the investment you made when you bought it.

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How to wear a bow tie for men Wed, 19 Feb 2020 15:39:58 +0000 The bow ties have been an implement of the dress of the man who wants to go elegant for any type of occasion, while others have cataloged it as an accessory of yesterday and of people who have gone out of style in some way or another. We tell you that it is not so, and you could get a super special touch to the look you are wearing. But now we will ask you a question …

Would you dare to wear a bow tie with a casual and casual style?

Yes, this is a new alternative that Zara began to implement so that men could wear a more classic style if no problem but at the same time they could combine it with a bow tie that matched it. It’s like having two styles in one, those who like this accessory, the problem was solved, they don’t have to give more head spin between having to walk formally all the time to see the style you like and the comfort of walk in the street dressed in a less casual way.

On the other hand, we can see people who do not like this proposal at all and can not imagine something like this, if you see the photograph below you will see that this idea is not at all out of place and that it is an excellent option . Look at the model below, he wears black dress pants with a casual navy shirt, brown corduroy bow tie , to match the look he wore, in addition, he has a classic jacket.

You have several options, you can go with the jacket or without it, in both ways you will look very good, but think about it, if it is to go out at night with a few friends you can have something that covers you better because of the cold, also if It’s the same weather on the day, it’s a good option, but if you want to go to a meeting and it doesn’t have to be so stately, you’ll be perfect.

An interesting option is the fact that you can change the material of the bow tie depending on the occasion you are going to address, so you can expand your entire outfit panorama so that you can dress as you want.

Zara thought about everything and what he wants to propose to his customers is the new option to wear the bow ties or bow ties with the look you like the most, and for this, you need to have one that goes according to what you look like, that is, the material with which it is made should change potentially, so if you need to use something less formal , you can find some bow ties made of corduroy or leather this will make you look better in any facet, you just have to know how to use it and at the right time.

Then you will wonder what you can wear the bow ties if it is not with a tuxedo or jacket. First of all, you must be clear that you must wear it 100% with a shirt , it is a matter of taste and there we are not going to get in but you must keep in mind that you will look much better with a shirt. You can do it in the color that suits you best, you can also add something on top so that you go more complete, in the following photograph, where a red bow tie with corduroy material and a jacket of the same color were combined to match it. The shirt must be white to make a good combination.

You can also put on pants with tweezers or padded anorak. The important thing about all this is knowing how to combine properly and choose a bow tie that matches the look and that of course is made of less formal materials than usual, that this is a blog first of all casual fashion????

Now, you have this other look in which you can wear black jeans that are completely attached to your legs. We recommend combining it with a white shirt that you will put on the inside, clarification, the shirts should never be on the outside if you are looking for a formal look, over a brown sweater with a corduroy tie of the same color and also a jacket of your choice.

With all of the above, wear black dress shoes to match. Surely something like that is what you were looking for for some other party that you do not want to attend so casual but neither would be consistent attending with an elegant look. Eliminate these contradictions with this new trend and add your personal touch with the bow tie.

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Wooden Watches for Men: Kerbholz Mon, 03 Feb 2020 03:36:28 +0000 The world of men’s accessories has never been easy to deal with or compete because there will always be good brands that have a lot of time in the market and are completely reliable. That’s why the boys decide to go to the store and try on some of these models and end up choosing something that is not new or out of the ordinary but will make them look good and they also know that they will last a great time because they are made with good materials and are a completely reliable brand. We can talk openly about Casio , a company with countless years of growth and reliability that it has generated in its customers thanks to its great inventions.
Casio not only stands out for having watches for men , they were deployed to those of women and also drew lines of musical instruments and other technological objects that facilitate, without a doubt, the lives of their customers.
But we are not here precisely to talk about the Casio, but if to comment on the new watches that are revolutionizing the market of men’s accessories, they have a different look, it is original, out of the ordinary and the best thing is that it is made with materials that you have never expected before.
Forget about gold and silver that although they give an interesting and elegant appearance to the body, we have already passed the time when you must show others how much money you have in each garment you carry.

Kerbholz wooden watches

Dare to use this new brand called Kerbholz is German and it was founded in 2012. It all started when two German friends decided to take a business trip to Central America and found great opportunities to invest in a new brand that was based on glasses and watches Made entirely of wood , from the moment they decided to launch themselves into the sharks of the international market with this new proposal, we must say, they have done very well, they stand out because they have a series of products made with sustainable and natural materials.
Among all the manufacturers in the accessories market today, they took a chance on something that is completely ecological and natural. And the world is evolving every day, people without realizing it are thinking more about taking care of our entire environment and what surrounds us .

We must not say that this happens in every corner of the world but what big businessmen like German friends try to achieve is that people change their mentality even if it is 60% and start innovating in the world of fashion and the clothes you wear , especially if it is for a common good.
From the entire gallery of products that this brand has, a model was selected that could perfectly represent what we want to highlight about the products.
In Styles Men Blog you can appreciate in more detail all the introduction we gave you a few seconds ago. As you can see below, this is a watch made entirely of wood , cream color, has a rectangular box shape, it protects a black dial that is in the middle where two white waters go that will mark the hours and the minutes. In turn, you can see the red second hand so that you can differentiate it from the other handles, below all this, in white you can see the name of the brand, it was not missing, somewhere it should remind you who the creators are of such fabulous design.
Without a doubt, it is a rather striking watch and we must say that the colors contrast completely. The wood used to make these watches is originally from Nicaragua.
You can find three spectacular designs of different colors depending on the taste of each person, you have them in maple, sandalwood and rosewood. The firm has planted a few trees in Nicaragua to balance the production of its merchandise and also promote certified sustainable forestry, this wood is cured with completely natural oils and waxes. This is done so that the wood is completely preserved and cured, this gives the ability to accentuate the color and be visually attractive.
Do not worry about the size of your wrist because all the designs of these watches are made with Swiss quartz brooches so that it can adapt to any size. All these models you can get online if you need more information you can enter the e-shop and look for Kerbholz Watches to appreciate these three models and see the prices to see if it suits you to innovate a little more in terms of watches.

Do you want to know where to buy the watches?

The best option is directly on Amazon, where the brand also sells. Thus we avoid complications of its website, which is in German.

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