7 tips to start in the gym and not fail in the attempt

First day of gym. You enter with a mixture of emotion and nerves that becomes overwhelming when you see so many people in the machines, people who will not hesitate to look at you and ask you if you are going to continue being a hindrance or you are going to get rid of it once and for all . Everyone knows you’re a rookie, that shows . Now, it depends on you whether your first experience is good or a disaster. That first day will be key in the long run to keep you long or short in the gym. Therefore, we give you the advice that we would have liked to have given to us .

1. Go shopping before

First of all, before even going to the gym, is to buy good equipment . The way of dressing in the gym is fundamental, you can not go to do sport with the first thing you catch. You have to buy some good shoes , and several pants and shirts that are made for sports, not the ones that you have at home.

Try to avoid wearing any type of clothing, or any tracksuit that you find in the closet and that you have not worn for years. But neither do you need to spend a lot of money . There are cheap and quality sportswear.

If you are going to dedicate yourself to a bodybuilding job, you need good gloves . This will make you avoid calluses on your hands, in addition to giving you greater comfort when doing the exercises. In fact, if those gloves wear a wristband, the better. A bad gesture on the wrists can make you go through the hospital .

On the other hand, you can do cardio exercises, bodybuilding or guided classes, it is recommended that you bring a bottle of water or something like that . It will not hurt to replenish liquids during training.

2. Do not go alone

This is not possible for everyone, but it is something that if you can, you must do. The first days can be done uphill until you get used to the routine and it is more likely that your will power will be resentful if you try to go alone.

The company of a friend or a relative will help you to gather strength when you can not anymore , when you’re lying on the couch and need a reason to go: do not leave your partner lying around .

3. In the variety is the taste

Every day is different. This can apply to life, and in this case, also to the gym. The muscles need to rest , so if you do the same exercises (or routines) every day, the body will notice, and you can cause injuries and even more stiffness than necessary.

If you go every day, it is advisable to work two areas and do some cardio exercise , whether cycling , running or suffering with the elliptical machine. If you work muscles that get stuck on the same day, you probably will not get the exercises right. These are the most used work combinations:

  • Shoulder and leg
  • Triceps and back
  • Biceps and pectoral

All of them can be combined with cardio sessions at the beginning and end of training, as well as the occasional abdominal exercise .

4. Measure your strengths well

Do not pretend what you can not do. In the gym you will meet people who have been doing sports for weeks, months, and even years. You do not have to compare yourself to the rest. Go at your pace, lift the weight that touches you and allow you to do the exercise well .

Of course, strength does not only refer to physics. You must measure your efforts to be able to do the most effective exercises . You do not have to go every day. In fact, if you try to do it, it is likely that you will get tired more because you are forcing more than necessary . You can even catch her mania and stop going ahead of time.

5. Let yourself be advised

After all of the above, this advice is perhaps the most important. If your gym is competent, you will have workers who know what is necessary about the sport. They will be able to recommend the best exercise tables for your objectives , and they will be able to help you when it comes to knowing the times you need. And even if you have an accident, you should go to them. If they are professionals, it is for something.

6. You have to suffer a little

This advice is for you to get used to the idea that everything has a price . The first days are going to be the most suffer for several reasons: you are starting and your body is not used, you still do not see progress and you start to question this sport, you do not want to get tired and you do not want to sweat … But you have to suffer a little . The stiffness will go away, and seeing the physical change that you will experience will keep you going.

Your muscles are not going to grow if you do not make an effort, your fat will not go away if you do not use cardio (in addition to food , but that’s another issue) and your physical endurance will not improve if you do not try to progress.

7. Patience and perseverance

The last, and perhaps the most important. The results need effort, yes, but above all, they need you to have proof . Fortunately or unfortunately, life is not a movie . Things are not achieved in a few minutes because if not, we could all be ‘Rocky’ in just a few days. It does not work like that.

It is likely that a few weeks will pass until you begin to notice some progress , but that does not mean that you will not achieve your goals. In fact, it may be months before the rest of the people begin to notice that progress. But you must not slow down. You have to get used to the idea that this is a long way to go, but that your goals are very close if you work as you should.