Do not know what proteins to take?

The protein shakes are a staple for any fan of fitness, but … you know distinguish a quality protein other than what is not?

The first and most important is to explain what they are and what they are for. Simplifying, it is a set or chains of essential amino acids for the regeneration and maintenance of our muscles and tissues. And the shakes we take are a concentrate, in addition to food, which helps us meet our needs when we exercise. Benefits? They help us to recover, build muscle mass and are a source of energy.

How to choose your protein well

So, what steps must be followed to choose a good protein and not squander the money. Just follow these five steps:

1- In the first place, notice that it is a registered laboratory as Arla, Carbery, Glanbia, Isolac or Provón.

2- Ingredients The most consumed are those of whey protein or whey protein, obtained from the lactic serum. There are three types: concentrated, isolated and hydrolyzed.

3- Ingredients added. If they include natural colorants like turmeric or cinnamon, the better. The same as if you carry guar gum, omega 3 …

4- The texture. A good protein is light and dissolves well in the mixer or shaker.

5- When you take it, you recover better than without them.