Hair Transplant – Facts, Steps, Surgical Process

During the last months there has been a wave of men who came, and continue to go, to clinics to perform a hair transplant. One of the main reasons why it can occur is because the complex of alopecia has been increased . The ideals of beauty have not changed, but our society is very exposed to the image and the impression it causes. Therefore, some men with baldness are conditioned to seek a solution.

Alopecia has always been present, but there has never been an effective solution as up to now. The micrografts manage to recover lost hair. However, there are still many people who know very little , or nothing, about this recent and fashionable trend, or who have doubts about taking the step. Relax, let’s solve them.

What it is and how a hair transplant is done

The procedure is simpler than it seems. Hair transplantation involves extracting the follicles from one area to transplant them into another. They are usually removed from the neck , since it is an area that never loses hair. Before the extraction, shave the neck to leave the hair with only one millimeter in length.

There are two techniques to carry out the transplant process:

  • The first technique involves taking a strip of skin from the scalp with all your hair. With this technique , hundreds of hair follicles are suddenly obtained and no shaved area is left. The scar is not visible, unless you decide to shave your head in the future. After extracting the strip, divide the follicles one by one and divide them according to the number of hairs they contain.
  • The second technique is based on extracting the follicles one by one with a millimeter instrument very precise . The technique is more laborious than the strip and leaves no scars if the maximum number of follicles that can be removed is respected. It leaves a more or less broad area shaved in the neck that will take a few days to grow back.

    The prices may vary

    Its price is one of the most common questions about this process. There really is no standard price , since each clinic has its own fee, in addition to some people need more follicles than others, so it also varies.

    Each follicle can cost around € 2 , and usually more than 800 are needed. So the minimum cost would be € 1,600 , being an estimate (very) downward. In addition, to this we must add the costs of subsequent procedures, plus revisions. So, keeping the previous price, the total could go up to € 5,000 or € 6,000 .

    Complications of the transplant

    • Pain : as in other interventions, you may suffer some pain after the operation. You can resort to analgesics to relieve it.
    • Inflammation : keep in mind that the head is exposed for several hours, so you may experience a swelling. The best thing for this is to apply cold in the area.
    • Infections : they are mild and occur superficially. To fix it, they usually recommend taking antibiotics to eradicate this type of problem.
    • Fall of follicles : perhaps hundreds of follicles can fall some, this is not an infallible science. However, their number is usually not very high.
    • Telogenic effluvium : it consists in the sudden fall of the surrounding healthy hair that is in its final phase of the growth cycle. It happens in many contexts (pregnancy, illness, stress, etc.) and hair transplantation is one of them.

    Is it necessary to go to Turkey?

    Absolutely. It is true that the Ottoman country has played a leading role in the media in recent years due to ‘capillary tourism’ , where entire planes were chartered from people who were going to get a transplant in their clinics for prices too cheap to believe (although they are real, and mostly satisfactory).

    However, in USA there are more and more clinics specialized in this procedure, so you will not need to leave more than 4,000 kilometers to do so. Even Several Celebrities haave opened his own hair clinic in USA, so take advantage.