How to lose weight fast and not recover lost weight

Learning how to lose weight fast and not recover weight is the great dream of all those who seek to lose a few kilos. Today we will guide you to get it with tips that will help you to get the body you are looking for.

How to lose weight fast

Quick weight loss is relatively simple. If we do that search on the Internet we will see hundreds of pages, but 99% have something in common: they are ‘miracle diets’. These diets promise to lose 10, 15 or even 20 kilos in just a few weeks … in exchange, in almost all cases, to seriously harm your health. And what is even worse, with the fearsome rebound effect threatening an authentic sword of Damocles.

The rebound effect consists in recovering the kilos that you have lost during a diet within a few weeks of losing them and, even worse, accumulating more kilos than you had left. It is something that happens very often in people who lose weight quickly and not recover weight is what we will try to avoid in this post.

These are the best tips to lose weight fast , but without doing crazy things:

Eat almost everything

If you stop eating a lot of calories or eliminate carbohydrates, the body notices that it no longer has those nutrients, so it stops producing certain hormones. It is best to continue eating foods of all kinds , reducing the amount of carbohydrates but without getting rid of them from the diet.

Yes to whole foods

They are rich in fibers, vitamins and minerals, so whole foods are very beneficial for our body when we seek to lose weight. If we combine them with vegetables, lean meats and low calorie products, we can accelerate the metabolism and the body burns the calories that are left over.

Drink lots of liquids

Almost all diets agree that you have to drink at least two liters of water a day, in addition to other liquids such as tea or coffee. That will make the metabolism does not slow down and, at the same time, we will feel more energized.

do exercise

Following a more or less strict diet will not help us much if we do not combine it with exercise. The most indicated in these cases are aerobic exercises, such as running or swimming, and will help the body burn the energy we consume, with direct loss of weight.

How to lose weight and not recover weight

The rebound effect is the great fear of all those who follow a diet to lose a few kilos. In order not to recover the weight we have lost and maintain the figure, we should follow some basic rules:

  • Maintain a diet without saturated fats .
  • Exercise , at least, 4 days a week.
  • The importance of perseverance : we have to take care of ourselves.
  • Forget about alcohol : drinks are the worst diet company; only red wine, in moderation, is assimilated by the body.

We can summarize in five the keys that can help us not to recover weight.

Make five meals a day

It is necessary to distribute the meals throughout the day so as not to go hungry and, incidentally, not overeat at midday and at night. As if that were not enough, making five meals a day will revitalize you during work and help you to reach the end of the day with energy.

A good breakfast helps to yield more throughout the day and is the perfect start for a balanced diet. Including proteins such as turkey breast or eggs is a great idea, because we activate the metabolism and our body begins to expend energy from the first hour . Taking a mid-morning snack like nuts or a piece of fruit will make us arrive at noon without an empty stomach.

Repeating this operation in the afternoon, either with a yoghurt or a small piece of Serrano ham, we will finish the working day to the full and, in addition, we will not get faint at home in search of a very copious dinner. Delivering calories throughout the five meals is essential to keep our weight stable.

Consume slow-release hydrates

We have already commented that we can not eliminate carbohydrates completely from our diet, but we must control which ones we take. For example, “slow-release” hydrates are beneficial , that is, those that digest slowly, aiding digestion . They are foods such as rice or whole grain pasta, legumes or nuts.

Those that we must erase from our diet are those that contain saturated or trans fats and that cause weight gain: pastries and sweets, butters, refined flours or ultra-processed products.

Change habits

We are animals of customs and our body knows it. The cells will try to recover the usual weight we have always had, so we must follow these tips at least during the 3 or 4 months after the diet that has made us lose weight.

It is important, therefore, to change the habits that led us to gain extra kilos: forget to eat as we did before, learn to feed remembering the mistakes we have made and take care of a balanced diet ‘maintenance’ in which the healthy ingredients on the products that cause the most damage to the body.

Exercise regularly

The sedentary lifestyle is a cross for those who seek to lose weight or, in our case, not recover it after having lost a few kilos. Spending long hours sitting in front of a computer or on the couch does not help you lose weight, but quite the opposite. It is very important to play sports to help our body burn the calories we eat .

As we noted, the most indicated in these cases are aerobic exercises: walking, running, swimming, riding a bicycle … All these sports are very useful for those who seek not to recover lost weight and will help keep our body in shape.

The free day trick

Living all your life on a diet is a martyrdom, but it is not necessary. Following these little tips will help us take care of ourselves and keep the weight, but we can give ourselves certain whims on a regular basis. The trick of the day off or ‘once a week’ is ideal: go out to eat out, enjoy the kitchen of the grandmother, do not cut with the ice cream that you like … They are small luxuries that we can give us once every seven days and that will help us to continue with our usual diet.

Losing weight quickly and not regaining weight is possible. Now you have all the diets, so you can choose which one is best for you, and a multitude of exercises that will help you maintain your figure.