Sauna: Health Benefits

Why is a sauna an ideal option for the care of our body, inside and out? Today we are going to tell you about the benefits for the health and spirit of saunas and how to fully enjoy them.

The use of heat as a source to produce a positive effect on the body comes from centuries ago and shows the Roman baths. It seems that this aspect was always clear and science has come to ratify it over the years. And there are the saunas, fundamental offer of gyms, thermal centers and spas . Never sweating was so beneficial. You sign up?

Saunas, a demand with a lot of history

Although there are some doubts about the origin of the sauna, what is clear is that it inevitably leads us to look towards Finland, where it is an ancestral tradition . For more than 7,000 years, the term ‘löyly’ has been in the Finnish vocabulary, which refers to the steam that comes out after throwing water on hot stones, the ritual of saunas.

For centuries, saunas have been used to cleanse the body and purify the spirit . In the beginning they were a place of worship and it is in the twentieth century when they derive in the recreational and welfare use they have today.

Cabin, stove, heat and … to sweat

A sauna is nothing more than a wooden cabin with benches at different heights and a stove that gives heat to the enclosure. The high temperatures inside and the dry heat will be responsible for making us sweat and bring to our body the many benefits of a sauna session.

But, as in everything, its use has to be correct and in its proper measure. And these are the recommendations to follow:

  • Shower beforehand to eliminate possible germs and facilitate perspiration.
  • Sit or lie on the bench by placing a towel underneath . Besides a question of hygiene will prevent us from burning ourselves with the bank.
  • Do not stay in the sauna for more than 15 minutes . It is advisable to leave at the time of feeling overwhelmed, which is often accompanied by persistent sweating. If we were lying down, it is best to sit up slowly and stay a few minutes before leaving the sauna.
  • Once outside, shower with cold water from the bottom up . This contrast will refresh us and increase blood circulation.
  • Take a break of about 10 minutes and repeat the entire cycle.

The sauna should be taken between 2 and 4 hours after lunch , it is not advisable to cover the body with clothes because it will prevent normal perspiration and, consequently, the flow of sweat, and the temperature of the sauna should be between 80 and 90ºC and at most 100ºC .

Benefits of a sauna session

If you are willing to sweat for the best in body and spirit, read on. In this article we tell you the beneficial aspects that your body will take out of a sauna .

But first of all we warn you that if you intend to use the sauna simply to lose weight or to eliminate toxins, it’s not worth it . With regard to weight loss, what you lose with the sauna are liquids, not fats. So the moment you eat or drink the lost weight will be recovered. And it is certain that by means of the sweat some toxins are eliminated, but it is in a very small quantity. Many more are eliminated through faeces or urine.

On the contrary, it will give you the following advantages:

Better skin appearance

Both men and women increasingly worry about the appearance of our skin and we can find an ally in the heat baths of saunas. The pores of the skin open and help to cleanse the epidermis, making it look prettier.

Relaxation and ease to sleep

The sauna becomes a powerful relaxant because high temperatures slow down nerve impulses . If we add to that endorphins are released, the mechanisms to combat stress are assured. And if the body feels relaxed, sleep will be a pleasure.

Improves circulation

Due to vasodilatation, the heart pumps more quickly and sends more blood to the tissues, favoring circulation.

Help clean the airway

If you have a cold, the sauna will not cure your cold but it will make you feel better.

Diuretic effect

Saunas are a great ally to lose fluids . So if you’re worried about cellulite and adiposity, let yourself fall for one. But this diuretic effect goes further and also has a positive effect on the locomotor system and the joints. The loss of fluids will help against muscle spasms, sprains or joint stiffness.

But watch out, watch out for saunas if you have blood pressure problems.

Now that you know the benefits and how you should use the sauna , if you dare to sweat to feel better go ahead!