Smoothies to lose weight, do they really work?

The shakes for weight loss have become fashionable and are a common resource people who want to lose weight , whether for aesthetic or health reasons, and do not want to face a traditional diet accompanied by exercise. Today we are going to analyze what these shakes have and if they really work for what we are looking for: to lose kilos.

Types of milkshakes to lose weight

There are two types of shakes to lose weight. On the one hand are powdered products that contain a concentrate of proteins, fibers and nutrients. They have to be mixed with a liquid, usually water or milk, and they serve to replace one of the meals. On the other hand, we find the fruit and vegetable smoothies that, in addition, add an antioxidant element such as green tea, with a reputation for fat burning.

Substitute powdered milkshakes

They have been in the market for many years and gained a lot of market share by offering a product that served as a substitute for one or even two meals a day and served to lose weight. They are used as satiating bars and can function as a food supplement to be taken at a given time, but they should not be a fundamental part of a diet replacing meals.

Another type of powdered shakes are those sold in herbalists, gyms or sports nutrition stores and that provide all the necessary nutrients in a diet, but they are not healthy since these shakes, in addition to proteins, incorporate other substances such as acid conjugated linoleic or CLA, which is not recommended as it causes kidney damage.

Antioxidant shakes

The smoothies that mix fruits and vegetables have come to our life to stay. They are known as ‘detox shakes’, they serve to ‘detoxify’ the body and are usually accompanied by fat burning elements such as green or red tea. There is controversy in this regard, since there are those who say that the body is not intoxicated, therefore it does not need to be detoxified, but the truth is that many people use them to substitute a meal and try to lose a few pounds.

Do milkshakes work to lose weight?

Go ahead that the shakes to lose weight are not miraculous ; that is, you will not lose pounds just because you substitute a meal for a shake, whatever the type. No study has shown the reliability or not of the shakes as a method of weight loss, but neither the opposite: nobody guarantees that taking shakes will lose weight .

To take milkshakes and achieve weight loss you have to follow several tips , but above all, we must follow a balanced diet and do some exercise. For the type of diet that should be taken to lose weight, we can give some clues:

  • It is essential to take quality proteins present in chicken, eggs or fish such as salmon or tuna.
  • Many people eliminate carbohydrates from their diet to lose weight, but it is better to replace them with whole-grain products. A good example is whole pasta.
  • It is good to eat five times a day, even if you are looking to lose kilos, so that the metabolism is constantly in operation.

The rebound effect and the shakes

Any specialist you ask for information on food will agree with this statement: replacing meals with smoothies in a generalized and long-term is not a good idea .

Introducing shakes in the diet we manage to reduce the daily caloric intake. However, the weight that is lost is due to the elimination of liquids, not because of burning fat, since by eating fewer calories, the metabolism becomes slower. That will make us face a double danger ahead: if we continue with the intake of smoothies, our body will not receive the necessary nutrients; but if we return to a balanced diet, with five meals a day, the calories will return to our body and will cause us to recover the kilos that we had lost … and since the metabolism is used to working slowly, it will not be able to burn all the accumulated fats, gaining even more weight than we had lost.

good idea to integrate into our diet is to make homemade smoothies to substitute some of the meals, but not to do so repeatedly, but on a timely basis. They can be very useful on days when we have eaten a lot or we are not very hungry, because they provide the body with the necessary nutrients. Fruits, vegetables and seeds like chia are a great combination to mix in a smoothie.