The most common mistakes among dieters

Diets are characterized by being one of those things that are usually taken lightly, both to fulfill them and when to start one. That irrational impetus that emerges within us and that transforms into a condemnatory: ” I’m going to go on a diet “ .

A diet is one of the most used resources when it comes to wanting to reach a specific goal of our body such as weight loss (the most widespread cause). However, in many of the occasions that a person pronounces the cursed words, he does not really know where he is getting. Therefore, we tell you some of the most common mistakes of those who start in this world.

The expectations

The first mistake of all of them are expectations . They are the killers of reality. In the lucid moment in which we think of making a diet, there is always a much higher goal than we can reach. And this is not only due to the effort that each one can make, but also to the types of diet that are used.

Many times we have the conception that the diet will solve our problems in a record time, and this is not even close to reality . As we usually say, everything takes a while. In fact, the organism always has to adapt to the new routines to which you are subjecting it. Although it may be the case to go on the right path towards the proposed goal. In that case, it is safest for you to relax, and therefore, return to the starting point .

The unconscious diet

Another of the problems of those who are introduced to diets is that they do not go to a specialist . On many occasions we resort to our ‘common sense’ that begins to make abstract mathematical operations: ” With that I eat a little more vegetables and I remove the beers of the weekend I’m fine “. And the reality is that, since you do not go to a nutritionist , you will not be able to do much more than waste your time .

If you want to take a diet seriously, you need help from specialists. Yes, it may cost some money, but if you want to do things right, this is the right way.

The types of diet

There is a very long list for each type of objective. There are diets to lose weight, to gain weight, to have more muscle mass … And this is only in broad strokes, then there are more specific diets such as ketogenic (low consumption of carbohydrates), diet degreaser or dissociated diet . Each and every one of them has a different objective, so inform yourself well of what you want so that you do not make mistakes.

detox diet (detoxifying), for example, does not consist of drinking juices and smoothies of fruits and vegetables as if it were a pipe plunger. It is based on the consumption of nuts, fruits and vegetables, but it is not necessary to crush them and, above all, it is not necessary to go hungry.

Wrong beliefs

We enter the field of topics that everyone knows but nobody bothers to check. Among all the ‘ fake news ‘ of the world of diets stands one above the rest: I can lose weight without having to do physical exercise . It is true, you can lose weight by changing your eating habits, but it is a minimum amount and, sooner or later, you will have to practice sport.Many people who begin this dietary change believe they do not need to get up from the couch and stop watching series. In case you want to lose weight, changing your diet will help you, but only up to a point.

Despite all the effort to achieve your goal, you will not stay like this forever. Diets are instructions to guide you towards what you want to achieve, but the goal should not be established at a specific time, since you have to maintain those habits so you do not go back to the beginning. That is, the diet does not have to become something temporary, but something routine, a new habit.

Forget about medications. The magic solutions encapsulated in pills are not going to help you lose weight. This type of tablets are usually a slight help to lose weight, but work is still a matter of food. In addition, some of the companies have no scientific basis, so it is likely to be useless.