Male fashion advances towards tighter shirts

The fashion has given up the slack. Now bet that men are willing to the extreme: extra-tight cuts. The shirts , which previously could have several inches left over at the waist, are up to 10 centimeters narrower at the waist and chest than their old versions.

Great reduction The large size reduction began in 2000 with a campaign by luxury men’s clothing designers Hedi Slimane and Thom Browne, highlights Jorge Valls, director of men’s fashion at Nordstrom. They started with the suit and continued with the dress shirt.

The Internet has helped to perpetuate the change. “Now, when uploading online, you can see blogs, people of all kinds in photos, and there is a sewing and European appearance,” he reveals. “When the guys show those images to their wives, they really feel that aspect feels better.”

One of the men who attributes his wife’s drive to a tighter style of clothing is Robert Burns, a 33-year-old distributor of a European luxury car brand living in Montvale, New Jersey. “He told me: ‘There are four more in that shirt,'” he says. “‘We are no longer in 1996.’ Once he made me understand the situation, I developed my own interest in affirming how I present myself.”

After a period of trial and error, two years ago he discovered adjusted versions in Banana Republic of Gap Inc., J.Crew Group Inc. and Ledbury. Now, he easily spends between US $ 100 and US $ 150 on a shirt, compared to only US $ 60 before. “My taste changed, and now my parameters are undoubtedly higher,” he says.