Men’s Suits : Fashion Trends Spring/Summer 2022

Today we want to propose some looks for this season of spring summer 2022 that I have just started, although sometimes for the time it does not look like it, here we go!

1. The American Fitted:  The costumes never go out of fashion but year after year is renewed. For 2022 the star is the dark blue American that nicely entangles the male body. Do not limit yourself and if you want to leave your tie at home, it is also phenomenal.

2. Striped and always Vertical:  Do not scratch and go straight to the area of ​​the stripes of our tailoring because we will have a 2022 to read between the lines. The most recommended option tends to verticality but there is no greater problem in mixing and even put pictures. Stripes, stripes and more stripes, we like to look more stylized.

3. Colored Dress Suits:  The blue, black, gray classics are still favorites but the fashion world has other alternatives that are much more attractive and daring and with a classic touch. The green, the red, the electric blue, the burgundy, the olive or the beige have their chance to shine during this spring.

4. Fitted shirts for men : the fitted shirts to the body, they are the obligatory resource if we want to rise to the trend of the  masculine fashion summer 2022 . The shirt does not have to be tight but it has to accompany our figure like the ones we do in our workshop. If we want to be elegant, the shirt has to mold to our body. It is the must of 2022.


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