Beard Grooming: 4 Super Tips

Do not forget the golden rule of hair: whatever your beard style, if you do not take care of it, it will not look good and you will not be able to comb it as you wish. This involves cutting it out frequently, a proper skin care routine and, yes, asking for advice from a professional barber.

1. Let it Grow

Anticipate yourself. There are not two equal beards and we all grow our hair differently. At first, it may sting you. And, as your new style grows, be sure to trim it so that it looks good at all times, not just in the future. Be constant. Worth.

2. Wash it

Remember that facial hair is different from hair. And the skin of the face is different from the scalp. You would never wash your face with shampoo, then why the beard? You must keep it clean, conditioned and exfoliated underneath to avoid irritations.

3. Use Beard Oil

Next, you must nourish the hair so that it does not dry out. Softer Touch beard oil provides intense nutrition and, as it is a dry oil, leaves no residue. Spread a few drops on the palm of your hands and massage upwards, against the grain. To finish, pass the comb

4. Apply Conditioner

Finally, keep it under control with our Seriously Groomed beard and hair balm . To keep it controlled and conditioned, apply it with a wet or dry beard after the morning shower. Thanks to its rich and dense formula, you can mold even the most rebellious beards.

The House of Grooming beard kit contains both oil and balm, plus a comb and care guide so you can start your routine, let your beard grow and be consistent.