Fashion and tradition in the beards

Fashion and tradition in the beards

Beards always, not only nowadays have been considered synonymous with personal style, they have also given their wearers a certain avant-garde appearance: this is one of the reasons why many men, in recent times, have chosen to let grow his beards. Of course, in addition, there is the fact that giving the skin of the face a break from shaving, over a period of time, is not only a good idea, but something quite healthy.

Do you know that, for centuries, beards have been associated with virility, respect and power? So, why not take advantage of a modern trend, which is also good, and give the beard a chance by choosing your own personal style?

Check out this article for a huge variety of interesting styles of beards available to you. However, before taking the step, it is highly recommended that you consult your barber who will help you evaluate your particular facial shape and help you select the right style that will look spectacular on you.

1. The Van Dyke style

Women have always been attracted to very masculine men, and Van Dyke’s beards offer an extremely virile style, therefore, it is one of the beards most coveted by the decisive modern men.
Within this style, you will find two variants with a common characteristic, which consist of a perfect symmetry between the whiskers and the whiskers. The Van Dyke, when done correctly, reaches masterful proportions.

The difference between the two variants of the Van Dyke style is that, in one of them, there is a separation between the mustache and the beard, which favors men with oval faces; and in the other, there is a continuity of the two, which looks very good on men with round faces. Also the first variant of this style requires a little more maintenance.

2. The Goatee

If anything, the hair on your upper lip does not grow profusely, do not despair, you can always leave the mustache and let your beard grow more and opt for a goatee.
A knob is easier to care for and gives its wearer an additional air of mystery and distinction.

3. The growth of three days

Formerly known as “The Five O’clock Shadow”, it has become “thicker and darker”, as it has increased in popularity and currently, it takes a three-day growth to deserve its name.
Among modern beards, it is still the favorite of many, but it requires a weekly visit to a barber to keep it from looking “messy.” Just remember that this look is “incredibly popular with women”!

4. The Bandholz boat

This style was introduced by Eric Bandholz, a famous businessman from Austin, Texas, who one day decided to let his beard grow and grow … After many favorable comments, he actually quit his job to create his own brand of products for the care of the full beards.

This is a style for the very daring, but it favors most of the facial forms, an example of this is that it tends to thin out the round faces a lot. However, some patience is needed to cultivate Bandholz, since it takes between six and seven months to achieve the desired fullness, when it reaches the final length only requires an occasional cut to maintain its length and contour.

5. The professional style totally trimmed

If you are fortunate enough to have thick and abundant facial hair, this is definitely the style you could enjoy. To achieve this aspect successfully, only about six weeks of growth is required, at which time, a professional barber can trim his mustache, shave the upper cheeks and a small area just below the lower lip, as well as Contour it around the neck area, to give it a clean and professional look.

This beard requires great daily maintenance to maintain its elegant appearance, however, many business professionals choose this style because it provides them with a definite touch of seriousness and virility.

6. Hipster style

This style of facial hair has been adopted lately by many more adventurous men, and reflects a very relaxed attitude toward life.

For this style of beard, you need a growth of about twenty days to get your desired characteristic volume, as well as, a certain amount of daily care as it grows. It is recommended that you start with a visit to a professional barber to look for help in your makeup and to get advice on how to follow up at home, then.

It is true that a nonconformist beard will be your “Personal Flag for the World” of your carefree personality.

7. Sideburns

Its origin goes back to a military American general of yesteryear, and they are very flattering for men with round or square faces.

To achieve attractive temples, you must allow your facial hair to grow until your beard meets your mustache. Then, you will have to shave the hair from your chin, from the bottom of your lower lip to your neck and down, also daily. Their pins should also be trimmed frequently to maintain their desired fullness and length.

8. Manchu’s mustache

This is a very exotic style, which mainly requires the ability to grow a profuse and complete mustache. The area under the nose should be shaved.
The help of a master barber can be useful to get the right style, but you should be able to keep it daily on your own.

9. The full and “most messy” beard

This is the favorite beard of men who really hate shaving and look for a style without too much maintenance. It creates a risky and rough appearance, like a forest woodcutter, but does not necessarily denote carelessness, as you will have to cut it with scissors around the edges, to maintain your desired length and look clean.

This style is ideal for men with very thin faces or small chins, since it masks these characteristics very satisfactorily.

10. Beards trimmed in semi-professional style

The only difference between this style and the full trimmed Beards is that the area just below the lower lip is not shaved and allowed to grow with the rest of the beard.