Fashion beards, Styles that will mark the trends

In today’s article we will continue talking about the fashionable beards that will continue to mark the trends and we will see the keys that have to be taken into account when choosing a specific style. We will also explain the styles that I have selected and that appear in these photos of men with beards . We will also mention the importance of your care to always have a great image.

Trendy beards and the keys to choose your style

When we talk about styles there are two possible ways to choose yours that may be in contradiction: on the one hand, the style that we have left and, on the other, the style that we like the most. Here we will mention keys that you have to take into account before choosing a type of beard that may not suit you afterwards and that you have to be testing with others.

First, keep in mind that the shape of the face is the most important when we have to choose one style or another. There are four types of basic faces: round, square oval and rectangular. From there, the factions are mixed, creating shapes and faces with unique features and features. So do not dismiss this fact.

On the other hand, take into account also the amount and volume of the beard, because if they choose a style that requires more hair but your beard does not have as much hair, they will not achieve the desired effect. Also, do not forget that the beard must also be chosen depending on the cut hair of their choice. Usually, a type of gradient is chosen on the sides of the head that allows to melt the hair on the sideburns with the beard.

The type of full or full beard among this year’s trendy beards

This type allows different beard cuts: on the one hand, they can choose a shorter style, like the one they see in the upper image, and, on the other, they can choose the long style. However, the longer the beard is and the more volume it has, the more care it takes to look good.

In addition, this type will give them a more rustic look but ideally couples with masculinity. At the same time, it is a style that oscillates between two other types of beards. This is the Hipster beard and the short beard of three days, since it is longer than the second, but shorter than the first. In fine, they can choose the variant they want.

For its part, the maintenance and care of these bulky and longer beard styles have to be carried out at least once a week. The reason is that a careless beard draws much attention and jumps out, especially when the hair is careful.

The fashionable beards and the style of the Lumberjack

On the other hand, the beard of the Lumberjack differs from the previous one mainly in the length of the hair. In addition, in the area of the mustache and in the part of what we call a padlock, the hair is usually longer than in the rest of the face, as you can see in the photo above.

Also, if you want to give a more original and interesting touch you can copy this style, making the cut between both areas more marked and visible. On the other hand, if what they want is a purer and cleaner style they will have to opt for a lengthening and gradual growth.

On the other hand, the difference between these beards for men and the Hipster style beard is located in the mustache and in the lower lip area. As you can see in the photos above, the mustache is much thinner and marked than in the following images, while the beard has two holes divided by a portion of hair. In contrast, the Hipster style lacks this element.

Hipster style among fashionable beards and trends

On the other hand, men with beard Hipster are the ones who will be more careful and more time will have to invest in their image. However, among them can also find two variants that concern the neck area: you can choose to leave the hair in this part or remove it, in both cases the style is fine.

It is a style that requires a beard quite populated and voluminous, so if your type is not this is better not try to get it. The reason is that the final result will not satisfy them. Your image will have a series of holes and baldness that will not look good and the idea of style will be lost.

If your case is this, in the following pictures you can see some padlocked beard styles and other types that are designed for a less populated and shorter beard type. Among them we find the three-day beard style and the Van Dyke beard that are among the five most used styles for this year.

The Van Dyke style in trendy beard trends

This style consists of a shorter beard that can only cover the area of the knob with the mustache or it can also extend upwards without fully reaching the sideburns. In the following photos you can see different varieties of this style, from the areas in those that leave the hair and the length of it.

I hope that the article has inspired you to try different new styles and to give a new and original touch to your image. Do not forget that one of the most important things when you leave a beard is your maintenance. Take care of it on a regular basis and you will always have an incredible look and an impressive beard.


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