How to achieve a perfect three-day beard

At the same moment you are reading this article there will be thousands of men all over the world asking themselves the eternal question: ” What do I do with my beard? “ .

The answer is so wide that it scares. Each beard is different, as well as the type of face. Achieve harmony between the two, a chimera. Therefore, many try not to go around and choose to let grow the beard to free will, especially at the beginning. Enter, therefore, in the fabulous world of the beard of three days , that first stage with a beard that gives such good results as long as you pay a minimum of attention , of course.

A more expensive and important look than it seems

Because the three-day beard is not simply that the hair grows without opposition, error that makes the vast majority. The care and dedication you need make it a procedure that requires time and dedication . The three-day beard does not mean not shaving, it goes much further. At least if you want to get something fairly decent, obvious.

You must also take into account the image you want to project to the rest. The three-day beard instantly provides a much more mature appearance than shaving . In addition, it increases the visibility of the jaw and teeth , causing people to notice these parts of the face with greater emphasis. If you do not want one thing or the other, maybe it’s time to change your style.

Step 1: from nothing to everything

If on the other hand you think that the three-day beard suits you, congratulations, you have entered fully into the most attractive group for the girls . And I do not say it, but the more than 8,000 women consulted in 2016 by a study from the University of Queensland, who firmly chose the incipient beard over the rest of the options.

Now, an arduous process awaits you until you achieve the desired results. Let’s start from scratch, with a total shave . A proper shave, with the blade in perfect condition, shaving foam, hot water for the pores of the skin and abundant after shave to prevent injuries.

From there we have to wait for the beard to grow. Each one goes at your own pace , do not worry if you still look like an elementary school child three days later. However, there are tricks to accelerate hair growth, such as a good exfoliation, plenty of water, vitamins B and C and lots of iron. When you reach the marked goal, do not anticipate or terminate the work . That is not a beard, it is a hodgepodge of uncontrolled hair. Giving them uniformity will require letting it grow a little more. When you have something longer than desired, it will be time to take action.

Step 2: It’s the turn of the machine (and your skill)

Unless you have a gift, the beard with which you reach this step 2 will be asymmetric. To transform it into the ideal three-day beard, you need to have a trimmer machine with different levels . Blades or single-level machines do not work. Start with a head at a higher level than the final to provide balance and gradually reduce millimeters to find the ideal aspect , the famous three days. In spite of cutting it all the same we have bald spots? Before that we can do little, not all beards are closed or leafy. But to your relief, it does not look bad.

And eye, they do not have to go all the zones equally of trimmed. There are some faces that look better with different shaving levels . If you do not want to risk throughout the year, try to do it on vacation, when the aesthetic is almost the least.

Step 3: Delicacy to avoid scares

It is the turn of the ends of the beard, to which we will have to pay close attention. Not cutting well these areas could ruin all our effort and have to return to step 1 as if we had fallen in the skull of the Game of the Goose.

  • Cheeks . Remove the head and carefully review the line to shape the beard without going over.
  • Neck . You have two options, or shave to the jaw area or simply touch up to make it nice from the aesthetic point of view. In this case, you can soften the end with a fine gradient, to avoid a sudden sensation of breaking.

Attention, if you want to have the perfect beard, the one that appears in the magazines and the celebrities look, you will have to correct both cheeks and neck daily . To show off you gotta suffer.

Step 4: Wash and take care so that everything makes sense

The last step is one of the most important and least followed by men. Cleaning the beard is as important as shaving or touching it , it is necessary to clean it up and take care of it. And we’re not just referring to the typical long hipster beard. The three-day one also needs special oils and lotions for toning and softening . An intense wash at least twice a week will end up carving an aesthetic wonder with which to feel comfortable and confident.