How to improve the tone in three minutes and four steps

Most men do not have the habit of performing a routine skin care. We may wash and hydrate, but we do not stop to think about it. It’s just something we do in the morning when we get out of the shower or at night before going to bed. You may think that all this is very good,

but it has certain drawbacks. If we do not stop to think about what they do and how the tonics, lotions and creams that we use act, we could turn them into useless products by making basic mistakes when we take care of our skin. Each of them has a specific function and must be used in a concrete way to be effective, otherwise it would be to throw away the money.

To know how to improve skin health, we need to first understand the basics of skin care. Basically there are two steps that we all have to pay attention to, says Virginie Delekta, an expert in skin care at House 99.

 1. If you do not clean your skin before you start your care routine, it’s not worth it to do anything else. We all have the skin covered with impurities, sebum, micro particles of pollution and all the dirt that modern life generates. If you do not remove that layer, the products will not penetrate and act on the skin. It’s like trying to repaint a house when it’s covered in vines. So, the first thing you have to do is clean up. Not only prepare the skin for the next steps, but you bring vitality. They are all advantages.

 2. Proper hydration is essential for good skin. Without the first you can not have the second one. So, from the beginning, drink a lot of water. In this way you will contribute to the skin having a healthy appearance and being less susceptible to the signs of aging. Hydration of the skin is also achieved with a moisturizer suitable for men, which helps maintain the natural levels of hydration and also makes its own contribution.

Now that we know the basic rules, we can consider what a proper skin care routine is like. Do not be overwhelmed, with the help of Virginie we have reduced it to the basics, a fast ritual with the minimum complications:


As we have said, the first thing is to clean to remove impurities and revitalize the skin. Our Purefectly Clean facial cleanser contains a stimulating mint oil that awakens the skin and a purifying charcoal.


The next step is to tone up. And no, before you say it, it’s not a girl thing; Anyway, do you want to look like a crocodile bag in a few decades? No, right? Then, dare to try it.

We recommend the Spruce Up toning lotion . Apply it after cleaning or shaving with a cotton pad or directly with clean hands. Refreshes, comforts and helps form the hydrolipid film that protects the skin and that is removed during shaving. Consider this step as the foundation of your routine.


Now let’s think about the finest skin on the face: the outline of the eyes. That’s where the signs of fatigue and aging first appear, so treat this area with love. Apply a little Truly Brighter Eye Balm on the lower eyelid extending it from the inside corner outwards. Next, massage the contour of the eyes making circular movements with delicacy to moisturize the skin and bring luminosity.


As we have already mentioned, if you want fresh and shiny skin, it is essential to use a good moisturizer in the morning and at night. Moisturizers not only serve to moisturize, but also unify the tone, improve texture and revitalize the skin. If the weather is already outdoors, use a sunscreen cream like the Broad Defense facial moisturizer with SPF 20.  

And those of us who imitate David Beckham in tattoos, we should be more careful. Tattoos may need more protection against ultraviolet rays and hydration than the rest of the skin. The Bold Statement body moisturizer will keep the ink in good condition

There you have it, an infallible guide to improve the tone and health of the skin. Spend a little more time now and you’ll appreciate it in the future.