How to repair tired and stressed skin in four easy steps

If you want to know what kind of life a man carries, look at his face. Nights that stretch, days of sun to sun, endless days in offices with too much air conditioning: everything is there, embodied in your skin.  

Fatigue is reaching epidemic proportions among men. Is there another possibility when three quarters of us sleep less than eight hours and more than 10% work 50 hours or more in an office? The consequence for most of us is clear: our physical fatigue is reflected in our appearance.

But do not worry, a good male face care routine can save us. As with everything in life, the first step to solving a problem is to admit it.

We have spoken with the skin care expert Virginie Delekta to find out how to identify the signs of skin stress. Virginie highlights three aspects that should arouse all alarms:

 1. The main sign of skin stress is a change in skin tone. If the face becomes a little more grayish or if the tone of the skin loses its luminosity, it is demanding love and attention.

 2. Pillow marks are another indication that something is not right. If an hour after the alarm goes off the dream face has not disappeared yet, it is time to act.

 3. The final signal is the most problematic: dry and rough skin. If you have a feeling of irritation and redness appears, you can not let it go.  

 Once the problem is identified, it is time to take action. In an ideal world, you should start sleeping properly, since the skin needs a minimum of seven hours to regenerate. A good hydration is also very useful. But it is difficult to live in an ideal world. With the frenetic pace of our times, it can be very difficult to sleep well and drink enough water, sometimes impossible.  

However, a good skin care routine can be a lifesaver in this regard, since it not only helps you hide the signs of a night of excess, but also benefits the skin in the long term. It is about keeping the skin in good condition so that it continues to fulfill its function as we get older.