Shaving tips for men with sensitive skin

The work needed to keep the skin smooth and without imperfections is more complex than our parents told us about shaving when we were young. Follow these tips to enjoy a more comfortable shave.

According to Dom Williams, head of the AONO barber shop in London, the key to a good shave is preparation. Instead of a razor, shaving foam, bits of toilet paper for cuts and a bit of aftershave, it turns out that there is a ritual to achieve a good shave. What if after all this preparation and research, you have the bad luck to end up with an irritated and reddened skin after shaving? For that we have some tips that will help you soften the skin, calm the pores and solve all your problems.


First, the most important thing: wash and exfoliate the skin to lift the hair and clean the pores. In this way, you will get a closer shave. We recommend using the Purefectly Clean facial cleanserthat contains mint and charcoal extract to clean in depth

Always make sure you have at least five minutes of warm skin in warm water so that the pores open completely and the hair is softened. In this way, you will avoid cutaneous irritations first and foremost. The best time to shave is after a hot shower, after the magical effects of the steam.

With a little oil to prepare the shave, massage the chin, chin and neck. Wait about 30 seconds while lubricating the skin. This will create a soft foundation and prevent the blade from cutting the skin. Our Softer Touch beard oil is ideal for the blade to slide easily during shaving

There are three options for the next step. To achieve a precise shave, use the Sharp Cut shaving bar with spirulina and quinoa. You can apply it directly on the areas that need to be retouched and the bar will raise the hair reducing the irritations caused by the blade. Another option is the Smooth Cut shaving foam : a dense and high quality foam with which you will feel very comfortable. Finally, you have the Neat Cut shaving cream that offers the most hydration of the three. Choose the option you choose, make sure that the blade is as sharp and clean as possible

Make passes of about 2.5 cm and rinse the blade with warm water.

Rinse your face with cold water to close the pores. We recommend applying a tonic that comforts the skin; Spruce Up toning lotion is a good option to moisturize it too

Once the shaving is finished, pat yourself on the skin with a clean towel and apply a generous amount of the Greater Look facial moisturizer . This cream helps to soften fragile skin after shaving and reduce redness. Let it penetrate for a couple of minutes and enjoy your best shave in a long time.