Tips for Shaving Sensitive Skin

With good products and a little patience, you will have the certainty of never having to suffer the discomfort of shaving.

  • Give him a break. If you can not avoid it, shave every three days so that the skin has time to recover.
  • Get rid of your old blade. Of course many people have the habit of shaving with a blunt blade, but a blunt and irregular blade can cause cuts and subcutaneous growth of hair and, without a doubt, will put at risk the hurry of shaving. Throw it.
  • Go slow. Make slow and precise movements, instead of going through the same area several times. In this way you will prevent the skin from becoming irritated and reddening.
  • Hydrates, moisturizes and moisturizes. Not everything depends on shaving. A good moisturizer for men will help relieve irritation, strengthen the skin and moisturize tired faces. Although all House 99 products are suitable for sensitive skin, if you are especially prone you can always perform an allergy test on the forearm.