Accessories for the wrist beyond the watch

Bracelets made of metal, leather, rope or beads? Choose your favorite according to the look you like the most and do not stop using this vital accessory for men’s fashion.

A while ago, the man who wore more jewelry than a simple wedding ring (if he was married) and a classic clock (thank you, grandfather) could have been considered effeminate, rebellious, perhaps creative, and in the case of wearing a ring of family seal on the little finger, something ostentatious.

In the last five years, that has changed. In 2018, the sale of accessories for men soared, led at that time by a new trend of bracelets for men, without a doubt the most user-friendly adornment (with success) by modern man, according to the Fashion designers.

From one moment to another, it was no surprise to see any male with a ‘decorative’ bracelet that he bought during his last vacation trip. The first and most daring to adopt this trend replaced their Livestrong bands with a lot of bracelets that virtually eclipsed their old Rolex.

What caused the inflection point? “Much had to do with the growing popularity of Instagram, along with the emergence of street style photographers and male fashion bloggers,”

“In the case of wristbands, in particular, what had largely been the exclusive domain of the Milanese and the Japanese avant-garde suddenly reached a global diffusion and acceptance among men on the street.” This spike spread even more thanks to influential celebrities like Kanye West and Johnny Depp. “

The minimalist uses simple metal. The metal bracelets go hand in hand with an imperishable masculine style. Its origin goes back to the identity bracelets during World War II, also used by icons of the big screen like James Dean, Marlon Brando and, in a version for sale , Paul Newman.

Those who vacation in the Riviera wear colored woven leather. Men are already very accustomed to leather watch straps so a leather bracelet is a relatively simple step in the world of men’s bling. The Tod brand has been manufacturing its leather bracelets for years, recognizable instantly, in a variety of colors and these are still a safe option. Alternatively, this two-tone option in olive green leather and mint from Bottega Veneta also conveys an air of sober good taste.

The bohemian uses staggered accounts. The beaded bracelets express a definite statement: “I am a free-spirited traveler who likes to venture to exotic places and bring back memories of ethnic inspiration.” Also: “I feel comfortable arriving at the office wearing a look similar to that of Captain Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean.” At one end of the spectrum these accessories can be obtained at a market stall; At the other extreme is the Brazilian jeweler Luis Morais, who produces cheerful pieces with a trippy-hippy vibe. On the other hand, Isaia -whose emblem is a piece of red coral- also brings an unexpected turn of the bohemian to his Neapolitan tailoring with pink coral and lapis lazuli beads. Something very Italian.

The man of action uses rope cordoned. The nautical look is a perennial spring / summer trend, which means you should wear many Miansai rope bracelets every year. This Miami-based brand has anchored this part of the market with colorful nylon cord styles, versatile enough for all occasions except the most formal ones. Luis Morais also offers multicolored beads bracelets that would please any outfit. These types of bracelets tend to suit a younger man and, when protruding from a shirt cuff, reflect an active life – even if you only climb the walls of the office.

The rocker wears black leather studded bracelets. This is a very different form of identity bracelet, and says: “I’m with the band”. This style is suggestive of a music fan and / or someone modern. The avant-garde designers in this category are Alexander Wang in Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen and once again, Luis Morais. There is a strong sense of the Gothic in many of these studded black leather bracelets, several have built skulls and crucifixes in their design – as surely have the tattoos of the wearer.

Urban Dandy uses as many accessories as possible. For the man who has a lot of confidence when it comes to all types of male jewelry, more extravagant and eye-catching bracelets are available, such as this bright Miansai green woven leather bracelet. The style is less important than the color the user will use to capture attention – especially that of Mr. Scott Schuman, Tommy Ton or Bill Cunningham. Here, the bracelet helps to combine an outfit highlighting subtle tones in the look or adding another element to a set already carefully assembled.