Bow tie or tie? Style guide for men accessories

Men do not have too much to choose from when we have to get ready . While women have many combinations and can play much more with fashion in their outfits, when we receive an invitation to any of the so-called BBC ( weddings , baptisms and communions), or if we have been given a pass to a party by everything high, there is not much to think about. You have to go in a suit , yes, and although you can play with the color, there is not much space for the accessories because you have three options: you wear a tie, which is usually the most usual, or you bet for the bow tie, which has been gaining followers among the youngest, or you stop with stories and you do not have one thing or the other. There are men to whom the costume is a torture, to which it is added to wear something on the neck that although it is very good, does nothing but oppress and give heat, so it is not strange that there is someone who complements and wear the suit with a nice shirt and no bow tie or tie . Each one is as it is and has the style it has. A nice suit and well worn without a bow tie or tie can be the sea of ​​good, protocols apart.

Let’s say you want to wear something around your neck, or that the protocol requires it, but you do not know whether to wear a bow tie or wear a tie . In general it is a personal decision that depends on the event you go to . It is not the same a family wedding or intimate friends, that an official act or a party with a particular dress code. For all those who have doubts, I propose a humble style guide to choose right and put the star accessories for men.

When to wear a bow tie?

The bowtie can be accused of being too casual, and sometimes it can be like that depending on the pattern chosen , although they are also the option indicated for the most elegant types of suits a man can wear . The bow ties can be really fun, but the line between the right and the too eccentric is very thin, so you have to know when you can take a Donald Duck print or when you have to bet on a black and white, which is the most formal . You have to keep in mind that there are those of knot or button or those of click . If you do not want to complicate your life, stay with the latter for your comfort , since the bond is not going to be undone and you will not have to touch up as often. On the other hand,those of knot, obligatory for tuxedo, let you play with the symmetry and with the size, which gives much more game. Men do not have so much variety with fashion, so we must take what we are given to have fun, but that does not mean that you do any knot. An unforgivable mistake would be to see you appear with a blurred and badly made knot. If you do not know how to do it, you will find resources to get it or you will have to ask for help, but do not ever let yourself be seen with the bow tie made a mess, because you would automatically load the look that you have surely chosen with such care.

There are also wooden ones , that although they are very modern and original, they do not weigh as much as they seem, in fact they weigh very little, and have the advantage that besides being really showy, they allow you not to worry about tying them well. As the click, but still better. In any case, they are not suitable for all audiences or for all events , so before you buy one, think if it really goes with your style and if the event you are going to attend allows you to get out of the norm. Okay, yes, the rules are to break them, but it’s not a matter of giving the cante either. As data, also note that there is another division in terms of sizes, finding the classic , which has the ends greater than the knot , the diamond, with wide ends that end in peak , thin and skinny , which are thin and narrow and different because the first is a little wider than the second, as well as the butterfly , which has wide ends and a classic finish . After so much preamble, let’s list the occasions on which you can (or should), tie a bow tie around your neck, well, or click, or put on the wooden one.

With the tuxedo. This suit is one of the most elegant that you will be able to wear. It is the most appropriate if you go to an awards ceremony of some relevance, if you are invited to a cocktail party with authorities or if you are having a dinner with say, someone of royalty . Maybe you never see yourself in this position, or yes, you never know what paths life takes us, but in this case you have to wear a black bow, very elegant, and of course knot . It is true that the button is easier to place, but the knot will be better.With tailcoat . If the tuxedo is of high pompadour, the tailcoat already takes the palm. There is nothing more formal than the tailcoat , which is used for nocturnal acts. If you wear a tailcoat you will be in a very high level event, like a state dinner, so you probably do not need to put it on unless you are King Felipe. Just in case it is important that you know that the bow tie that is put is white, and the truth is that really beautiful.

For important but more informal celebrations . You have been invited to your cousin’s wedding, that co-worker is married with whom you have a good friendship or your nephew is baptized and you have to think outfit. You feel young, and maybe you are too, so you want to change your usual tie and bet on the bow tie . And you do very well. Here do not be afraid to play with the size of the bow tie, (within limits), with color or patterns , but it is not a matter of giving your grandmother a scare and presenting yourself with a bow tie of skulls or too strident. This is going to the guest’s taste.Advantages and disadvantages of wearing a bow tie

Among the advantages include the option to give a touch of modernity and originality to your look . On the other hand, the tuxedo bow tie is always perfect and gives a youthful tone, fresh and at the same time distinguished, take whoever wears it. The bow ties adapt better and do not hang, so they are more comfortable to wear than ties , always more corseted and with a flight that can sometimes be annoying. At the other extreme, the drawback is not to feel comfortable with them, because not everyone feels comfortable with them because they can give an image too relaxed, yes, as long as you do not wear a tuxedo or tuxedo. In the end, added to the rules that marks the masculine fashion, it is a matter of personal taste and to feel good, which is the most important thing.

When to wear a tie?

The bow tie is increasingly more adept, but in general it is more common for children and young men and more risky in terms of style. Yes, a middle-aged or older and classic man can bet on the bow tie, but being honest, he usually pulls on his tie . It is the star complement and it is used a lot. In fact there are men who by grace or unfortunately are forced to have to wear it every day, or at least every day they have to go to work except on Fridays, if they have what is called ‘Casual day’ and You can forget about your tie and put on some jeans to go to your workplace the last day of the work week. Like the carefree bow ties, there are several types of tie depending on their size asskinny, traditional and wide . Put the one you want to work, or the one you leave, but as advice, if you go to a wedding or a party that you have to wear a tie, tie a skinny neck , you’ll see how well you have left. After so much preamble, let’s list the occasions when you can (or should), bet on the tie .

With the morning coat. The morning coat is the suit of greater rank and label for the males. If the tail is for nightly events, the morning coat is mandatory for the ceremonies, acts and parties of the highest level before the sun goes down . The morning coat calls for a tie, so if you put on this press so usual for men of state, you have to wear a tie or tie.

To go to work. While it is true that it is possible for your company to let you go with a bow tie, or what is better, with nothing, the most common is that, if there is a dress code, you have to wear a tie . Men who work in large companies, and not necessarily managers, in banks, high-ranking officials, ministers, presidents and a long etcetera, are practically forced to wear ties. It is good that if you are Pablo Iglesias and you do not want to take it, you do not wear it, but the protocol marks on occasions that you have to wear it.

In official acts. People who, due to their work, must attend certain official events must wear a tie , especially according to their rank. Nobody would think of going to the opening of a hospital with a bow tie … or would it?

For weddings, baptisms and communions : Go ahead that if the King of Spain does not marry you can wear a bow tie to a wedding, and although there are more and more followers, the ties keep winning by the most common events like weddings, baptisms, communions (and yes, also at funerals) . The tie is the star complement, which always looks good and is not shrill. It is true that later you can play with color and with the pattern, and that a tie with colorful motifs is more striking than a plain bow tie, but the most usual thing is to wear a traditional tie . Eye, that traditional does not mean boring, because if something is learning male fashion, is that there is no place for boredom.

Advantages and disadvantages of wearing a tie

The advantages of wearing a tie lie in being traditional and not attracting too much attention with your look, unless you want the opposite effect. In addition, ties, well, skinny, always look good, especially thinner people, and are perfect to give a touch of joy and color if you have dressed in the typical dark blue or gray suit that says nothing. The ties give the distinguished touch that do not bring the bow ties or unless you wear a tailcoat or a tuxedo. They are very wearable and you can use them on numerous occasions. As for the disadvantages, not only that they bother more and can tighten more, but they are more complicated to place, and a bad knot can ruin the most careful look. So if you want to hit with your tie, do not just look for it to match the suit or serve as a breaking element, but also make a good knot, which may be the simplest. You know, the elegance of simplicity .