Guide to choose the perfect strap

If you have doubts about which strap to use on different occasions, Business Insider shows here the six straps that every man should have in his wardrobe and how to combine them.

The straps are those kind of accessories that you will not have to replace for a long time if you know how to buy quality and choose the most appropriate one.

In an article published by Business Insider , Dan Trepanier of Articles of Style shows the straps (taken from his own personal collection) that should not be missing in any man’s wardrobe.

Without a doubt, these six types of strap will make you look elegant and properly dressed for any occasion.

The black dress belt. This is the most formal strap in your collection. You should never wear a belt with a tuxedo or other traditional formal attire, but if you have a good suit that requires something black and elegant, we recommend a thin leather strap(1 “- 1 1/4”) with a simple silver buckle. .

If you can afford exotic skin (like the one in the photo), it will add a unique texture that is a luxury. Our favorite belt on the web at this time is the “Windsor” lizard made by Trafalgar.

The brown dress belt. It is the most used belt by Dan Trepanier. “I wear a lot of tailored clothing, often with brown shoes, more brown in Los Angeles and more black in New York,” says the executive of Articles of Style. Again, for a dress belt, something thin (about 1 “wide) and something exotic is preferable, like this American Alligator, our favorite on the web right now is the” Julian “American crocodile strap made by Martin Dingman.

The sturdy strap for jeans. For a weekend that includes jeans and / or other more casual clothes, look for a thicker strap (about 1 1/2 “) of sturdy leather that is ready for hard work, our online favorite at the moment is the strap” Double Prong “by Filson.

The thin suede strap. The key to good design is the combination of elements that are consistent in their level of formality and purpose. See this belt for example: leather is traditionally elegant, but suede is a bit more casual.

Similarly, a polished silver buckle is traditionally elegant, but a D-ring is a bit more casual. This strap, thanks to its consistent design, fits with that perfect combination of “elegant / casual” -in which we are all. Our favorite online right now is the D-ring strap made by Brooks Brothers.

The vintage thin belt. The straps are a great accessory to look for in antique stores (vintage). Just make sure it is genuine leather (something usually stamped on the inside) and fits properly (you can even punch additional holes). This thin vintage strap (just under 1 “) is one of Trepanier’s choices for casually tailored looks that involve unstructured tailoring, like a linen suit.Our favorite on the web right now is the leather strap 1 “by Ralph Lauren (not vintage, but braided leather can have a similar effect).

The summer cloth strap. During the summer, the dress codes are lightened and everything becomes a little more informal, in general. Your belt should not be the exception. Look for a lightweight cloth strap (such as this one woven of cotton) that can be used formally and informally in all those summer parties. Our favorite on the web right now is Ralph Lauren’s braided cotton strap.