How to Choose a Tie

How to Choose a Tie

The tie is an element of distinction that every man should know how to choose correctly. It is the garment that, combined with a good suit and a thin shirt, will make any man perceived as someone elegant, successful, and with a very promising future.

Many men do not like them because they consider them an unnecessary and superfluous garment, but there are several good reasons to use it. If you want at least one reason we will tell you a very powerful one: Women love men who use them.

Think about it: They love colorful rags and can wear them wherever they want, on the neck, on the head, on the waist, and even on the shoes. Men, on the other hand, can only wear a colorful garment and that is the tie. And since women love rags they will love your tie and they may even pull you to take you to bed.

Therefore, even if it seems trivial, choosing ties is an art and you should spend time.

A dark-colored suit, especially navy and gray, along with a shirt in a unique tone that combines with the suit, produce a sober image. The tie is the only garment that can break with that sobriety and bring freshness, joy and color.

Choose good quality ties, in plain colors or with discreet printsThe colors can be more colorful: red, blue, wine, green, or even gold yellow.

Remember that you can also wear a tie of the same color as the shirt , this is called monochromaticism and although it is not as fashionable as some years ago it still looks good.

If your face is very round it is best to use a small and elongated knot , while if you have an elongated face you can use a larger tie knot .

How to tie tie knots (step by step)

Making tie knots is difficult, especially at the beginning. It is normal, and also horrible, that the tie is too long or too short, or that the back is longer than the front.

All this is solved with practice, so to learn fast and do it right, here is how to make five different tie knots step by step:

Knowing how to tie is the most difficult part to master, the other is to choose it and that is an art.

Remember that women love rags in bright and eye-catching colors. They wear things like chews, shawls, ribbons at the waist, donuts for hair, etc.

Men the only bright and striking rag that we can wear without looking effeminate is the tie, which is in fact a phallic symbol since it is long and almost exclusively used by the male.

A well-chosen tie can arouse the lowest instincts in girls. If a girl pulls you from the tie, she is inviting you to get closer to her and kiss her, if she undoes you, the tie is starting to strip you already on an unconscious level.

As a secondary garment you can wear ties in virtually any color, as long as it matches the rest of the outfit. The best fabric to wear ties is silk.

Best of all, you don’t have to limit yourself to wearing ties in plain colors, prints and lines are going well too.

So now you know, go out and buy the perfect tie for yourself right now, maybe on your next outing you will find a girl willing to untie her, and ask you to use her to tie her wrists to the back of the bed.