How to wear a bow tie for men

The bow ties have been an implement of the dress of the man who wants to go elegant for any type of occasion, while others have cataloged it as an accessory of yesterday and of people who have gone out of style in some way or another. We tell you that it is not so, and you could get a super special touch to the look you are wearing. But now we will ask you a question …

Would you dare to wear a bow tie with a casual and casual style?

Yes, this is a new alternative that Zara began to implement so that men could wear a more classic style if no problem but at the same time they could combine it with a bow tie that matched it. It’s like having two styles in one, those who like this accessory, the problem was solved, they don’t have to give more head spin between having to walk formally all the time to see the style you like and the comfort of walk in the street dressed in a less casual way.

On the other hand, we can see people who do not like this proposal at all and can not imagine something like this, if you see the photograph below you will see that this idea is not at all out of place and that it is an excellent option . Look at the model below, he wears black dress pants with a casual navy shirt, brown corduroy bow tie , to match the look he wore, in addition, he has a classic jacket.

You have several options, you can go with the jacket or without it, in both ways you will look very good, but think about it, if it is to go out at night with a few friends you can have something that covers you better because of the cold, also if It’s the same weather on the day, it’s a good option, but if you want to go to a meeting and it doesn’t have to be so stately, you’ll be perfect.

An interesting option is the fact that you can change the material of the bow tie depending on the occasion you are going to address, so you can expand your entire outfit panorama so that you can dress as you want.

Zara thought about everything and what he wants to propose to his customers is the new option to wear the bow ties or bow ties with the look you like the most, and for this, you need to have one that goes according to what you look like, that is, the material with which it is made should change potentially, so if you need to use something less formal , you can find some bow ties made of corduroy or leather this will make you look better in any facet, you just have to know how to use it and at the right time.

Then you will wonder what you can wear the bow ties if it is not with a tuxedo or jacket. First of all, you must be clear that you must wear it 100% with a shirt , it is a matter of taste and there we are not going to get in but you must keep in mind that you will look much better with a shirt. You can do it in the color that suits you best, you can also add something on top so that you go more complete, in the following photograph, where a red bow tie with corduroy material and a jacket of the same color were combined to match it. The shirt must be white to make a good combination.

You can also put on pants with tweezers or padded anorak. The important thing about all this is knowing how to combine properly and choose a bow tie that matches the look and that of course is made of less formal materials than usual, that this is a blog first of all casual fashion????

Now, you have this other look in which you can wear black jeans that are completely attached to your legs. We recommend combining it with a white shirt that you will put on the inside, clarification, the shirts should never be on the outside if you are looking for a formal look, over a brown sweater with a corduroy tie of the same color and also a jacket of your choice.

With all of the above, wear black dress shoes to match. Surely something like that is what you were looking for for some other party that you do not want to attend so casual but neither would be consistent attending with an elegant look. Eliminate these contradictions with this new trend and add your personal touch with the bow tie.