Golden rules to choose a tie

Thin or wide? If you still do not know which tie to wear at your next manager’s meeting or work dinner, stylesmen shares this basic tie guide.

Go and put on a tie. Feel the difference? It’s something small, but those details are everything.

When you wear a tie, you can practically walk wherever you want; It’s like an Admirals Club card that looks in everyone’s sight.

Whether you are getting ready for the office or for a night out, a tie allows you to gather the disparate elements of your wardrobe with a touch of texture or complementary color.

If you learn to do it correctly – that is, balance the width of your tie with the lapels and collar of your shirt and find a knot that suits you – you will have achieved the perfect look from head to toe.


The first thing people notice is the tie. They always say: What a beautiful tie! And his eyes can not help it.

So while you want a tie that looks great on your own, remember that it should not be an “adornito” anymore. The intention is that the tie speaks for the rest of his attire and is not on the sidelines or conflicts with him.

The long matter … Whether you measure 1.93 or 1.70, the tip of the tie should come right up to your waist, not three inches below or two inches above it. Unless you are adopting the style of the short suit, then, yes, let your tie hang above the navel.

This “thinner width” works for both office and street attire, combining with any modern cut suit.

Love your dimple: the secret weapon of the tie. “Yes, a perfectly knotted tie will look perfectly fine without it,” says GQ’s senior fashion editor, Lisa Cohen. “But the dimple is the final touch that achieves perfection, which is why we consider it essential.” Here are some tips to make your look go from ‘passable’ to ‘impeccable’.

  1. When you have almost finished knotting your tie, press your thumb against your index finger just below the knot, so that the fabric forms a crease.
  2. Pull down the thin end of the tie to tighten the dimple, and slide the knot.
  3. Perfect both sides of the dimple to accentuate the crease and put it in place.

The ties that you can not miss. We’re not saying I should not have more than five ties, but if you only have that number, it’s enough for each outfit and occasion.