Ideas to Combine Your Ties

Who says you have to spend a fortune to dress fashionably ? Accessories are precisely the “indispensable” in any trend and season. Do you really want to know how to tie a tie? Do not miss this post and all the advice. The collection of shovels and knots in natural silk that we offer you in StylesMen, ​​allows you a creative and original experience, playing to change colors and jacquards to finally create your custom tie. You will be surprised at how easy it is; In the web tie configurator you can visualize and try different combinations that harmonize with your wardrobe. And in addition, the knot is already done, which prevents wrinkles from the previous day and also time.

We also suggest you visit the Stylesmen lookbook , where you will find proposals for a casual , hipster or urban style. The white shirt is fashionable and is the perfect combination for a touch of distinction with an original tie and with a contrasting knot, for example gray and black.

It is a novelty that you can not miss. The tie remains one of the signs of fashion and elegance par excellence. You see ties in the best men’s fashion runways . What would an elegant suit be without a proper tie? we claim the aesthetic value of the tie and, mainly, of the fashionable ties.

And we wanted to provide the added and original value of separating the shovel and the knot, which is already made, in order to wear a fashionable and original tie. For your own use and also as a gift, with the peace of mind of avoiding surprises of incorrect size or inappropriate form.

And all this from home or the office, you can buy relaxed, avoiding long lines to pay and receiving the tie at home. The elegance is mainly in the details and the tie is a major element in the masculine look ; With a custom tie you will dress with distinction and originality, in harmony with your image.

An elegant man will always be the subject of conversation between women, to this we must attribute, of course, the costumes and the look you have regarding each occasion, we will not tell you that every day you should be in a suit and tie, Because occasionally, when you go out with the family for a walk, you won’t need to be so formal.

But we will give you some tips for you to learn to wear your ties , depending on the occasion or because you are a newbie boy in this totally elegant walk and you need some tips to develop better in the area of ​​good style.

Learn to tie a tie

The first thing you should learn is  the classic knot, it  is the one that we can use with almost all  ties, they are for almost all shirt collars, it is a perfect style for men who are medium-sized, the knot is going to be seen, if you use it with long and wide ties, bigger, but if you use it with a thin tie it will look more subtle.

The first step is to raise the neck and button up, then place the tie and adjust it, those of medium size should put the shortest part of the tie at waist level. Here you will see an image for you to learn how to do it.

Types of tie knot

The  double knot , is similar to the classic, is characterized by the winding it has, the widest part must be passed twice through the narrowest part, it is perfect for all ties, except for those that are too thick, and like than the previous one, it  serves with all the shirts.

The  Windsor knot , the name comes from the Duke of England, must be made in necks that are preferably wide, that is, in shirts with  Italian cuts , for example, it is a knot that tends to be very bulky, it can be complicated to make, To make it work, you must drop both parts of your neck and hide the last button.

The  small knot , characterized in shirts with tight necks, is suitable for ties that are totally thick, the recommendation is that you try to avoid making these knots in shirts with a long and wide neck. Take a 180 degree braid , the knot is very simple and small, with the explanation we will give you here you will not have much complication.

The  butterfly knot , the same as the classic, is worn with a white shirt in almost all cases, with  a bow tie collar , it can also be worn with a suit and a wider shirt.