Types of ties that look best according to the occasion

While silk and full colors go well in formal meetings, the varied designs, as well as the michi, are ideal for social commitments.

A tie can make the difference in an outfit. The colors, patterns, textures and measures generate sophistication or freshness, which must be in accordance with the situation.

So, what kind of these garments should be used in formal or informal meetings? What is the trend? Fashion experts share some tips.

Seriousness and elegance In a corporate event, a board meeting or a marriage, the ideal is to wear a silk tie, sober colors and discreet designs. Paula Balansky, image consultant Van Heusen, advises that the width of this garment be proportional to the flaps of the bag.

“On these occasions it is also recommended to wear shirts of good fabric (plain or textured), with well-formed collar and cuffs, quality buttons, good cut and fit.”

On the other hand, Raffaella Macciotta, brand manager of Brooks Brothers, points out that the best option is to wear a black, red or dark blue tie, a dark striped or with serious moles.

“In addition, there is the option of the michi tie for the most modern and daring men,” he adds.

Freshness and calm In social commitments, in the office or work lunches, you can opt for trendy ties, with varied designs, cheerful colors, with texture or knits, as well as michi ties.

“You can use very flashy or irreverent designs at social events, not related to work, while the strident colors go with private life, not at work events,” says Balansky.

Harold Michelsen, Marketing and Public Relations Manager at H & M for Chile and Peru, says that colors in neutral palettes, such as gray, blue, garnet and black, work well.

“In external commitments we can be more daring with tones and textures, including prints that bring personality,” he says.

Distinction in traits Like other garments, tie types can be better suited to certain sizes.

Thus, for example, Macciotta comments: “Thin ties go better in tall, thin men, as well as small ones, while larger men should opt for wider ties.”

And in the type of shirt that accompanies the ties the same thing happens: certain styles are better suited to some forms of faces.

Michelsen points out that those men with narrow faces should avoid necks with very closed ends, since they will appear to be thinner.

“To solve this visual effect, you can use a neck with a wider opening, like the Italian cut, and those with round faces favor necks with narrower cuts.”

Balansky, finally, adds that the contrast here is the key to generating balance: “the elongated necks, with pointed tips, are for round faces or short necks.The more open necks, with rounded tips, are better on elongated faces”.